Annual IEC Culture Days

Annual IEC Culture Days

Seasonal Event Plan
(Introducing Japanese Culture)
Spring: Hinamatsuri, Hanami, Tango no sekku

Summer: Tanabata

Fall: Otsukimi

Winter: Mochitsuki, Mamemaki

Mamemaki is a traditional event to drive away bad spirits. In this ceremony, roasted soybeans are thrown at an Oni (demon) with the chant "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi" ("Out with the demon! In with the good luck!"). The gathered international students enjoyed a lecture about the origin of the tradition and then were able to practice mamemaki by throwing beans at two devils in the room (well played by Japanese graduate students).

Mochitsuki (Pounding mochi rice) is a very traditional Japanese event. Mochi is made from crushed and pounded rice and was considered a sacred food in ancient days in honor of the importance of rice, a staple food in Japan for thousands of years.

We hold Hinamatsuri Party (Girls' Day Party) at the International Student Lounge on March. The attendees enjoy traditional Hinamatsuri food and drink as well as an explanation of the Hinamatsuri doll set.

Tango no sekku (Boy's festival) party at IEC lounge. After IEC professor explain about Tango no sekku, international students enjoy Kashiwa mochi (Kashiwa rice cake) which is a traditional sweets in Tango no sekkku.