Admission Process

Admission Process

Application Period
The application period varies between programs. Please consult with the appropriate office for details.

General Requirements for Admission
1. Applicants must have taken the General Examination for Foreign Students (Natural Science Group) administered by the Japan Student Services Organization, JASSO.
2. Applicants must have taken Level I of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered jointly by the Japan Foundation and JASSO.
3. A person who has graduated or is expected to graduate from a high school (i.e., a person who has completed 12 years of regular curricular studies) may apply for admission.
Documents required
1. Application Form for Admission (our form)
2. Certificate of Health (our form)
3. Personal History (hand written)
4. Certificate of Guarantor (guarantor should be a Japanese person who lives in Japan)
5. Graduation certificate, and transcript of scholastic record issued by the school(s) attended
6. Copy of Alien Registration Card (if available)
7. Application Charge: 9,800yen
8. Self-addressed return envelope with stamps

1. Faculty of Medicine (School of Medicine) and Faculty of Dentistry Paper test: Mathematics, natural sciences (2 subjects within physics, chemistry and biology) and English. Interview
2. Faculty of Medicine (School of Allied Health Sciences) Paper test: Writing an essay and English Interview

• Admission Fee: 277,000yen
• Tuition Fee: 248,400yen (for 6 months)

Office for Inquiry
Admissions Office, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
1-5-45, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8510, JAPAN
FAX: +81-3-5803-0106
[Open 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday]

Each graduate program has its own requirements for admission. Please consult with the department office for the program that you are interested in applying to in order to get the relevant information. If you need assistance, please check the Overview page in the Programs and Courses area.