Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Primarily through Open Innovation Center, we promote the acquisition of rights related to research results and their licensing.
Here at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, we promote industry-academia collaboration through a variety of research activities. These include but are not limited to collaborative research and commissioned research with private businesses, other academic institutions and public research organizations.

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At Tokyo Medical and Dental University, we discuss and determine how collaborative research achievements shall be treated based on the inventor-first principle, setting the ownership ratio of rights according to the amount each member contributed.
Inventions and discoveries that result from contracted essentially belong to the university.


1. Treatment of Research Results (Patent Applications)

Intellectual property generated by the researchers and faculty members of this university essentially belongs to the institution. Inventions created by the researchers and faculty members of this university will first be submitted to the Open Innovation Center in the form of an invention registration. After the person in charge at the office examines the inventor through hearings and other methods, the matter will be submitted for an intellectual property evaluation meeting that will take place within the Center. This meeting will determine whether the university will assume the rights or not.
In cooperation with the inventor, the Open Innovation Center will then proceed to apply for the patent on the invention or discovery for which the succession of rights have been determined,
The rights that were not assumed will be returned to the researchers. Please refer to the Handling of Research Results.

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Details regarding Intellectual Property

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