ID Card

Students entering the university are issued student ID cards as a way to identify themselves as university students. These cards should be worn as nametags while on campus. Because these ID cards are designed to be used for both the two-year doctoral (first) course and the three-year/ four-year doctoral (second) course, they should be treated with care so they are not damaged or lost.
Students need to carry these cards with them at all times to facilitate purchases of such items as student commuter passes and on other occasions.

(1) Reissue
Students should promptly notify Educational Planning Section if they have lost or damaged their ID card, and complete the procedures to have another card issued to them.

(2) Return the card
Students should promptly return their ID card to Educational Planning Section upon graduation, withdrawal or expulsion, or when the card expires.

Certificates and Other Documents

Numerous types of certificates and other official documents are issued by Educational Planning Section, while others may be obtained from automatic document issuing machines.

(1) Educational Planning Section (hours: 8:30 a.m. ~ 5:15 p.m.)
The following documents are issued by Educational Planning Section. Students will need to fill out the appropriate application forms to receive the needed items. (As a general rule, the documents will be issued the afternoon following the day the application was submitted.)

① Academic transcripts
② Prospective course completion certificates (for students enrolled in the second year program of the doctoral (first) course, and for students who applied for a degree thesis in the doctoral (second) course)
③ Progress reports
④ English-language certificate of attendance (issue requires about one week)
⑤ Practical training commuter passes

Commuter passes for traveling to hospitals and other locations off campus for practical training and other purposes may be issued. Students needing such passes should apply for them at Educational Affairs Section.
Please be aware that it takes about one month to obtain permission from the railway companies (for example, application procedures should be completed by the end of February to begin use from April).
Note: Students should consult with Educational Planning Section concerning certificates or other documents not listed above.

(2) Automatic document issuing machine (hours: 8:30 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.)
Certificates of registration and student discount certificates are available from the “automatic document issuing machine” in the Student Lounge (4F, Building No. 5). Inquiries: Educational Planning Section.

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(1) Students using Japan Railways for extracurricular activities — such as returning to their family homes or for other purposes — are eligible for discounts (20 percent) on passenger fares when the routes traveled exceed 100 kilometers one-way.
Because this system is meant to reduce the financial burden on students while attending school and thereby contribute to the advancement of their education, discounts should be used in a responsible and systematic fashion. (Up to 10 tickets per student within one year; valid for two months from date of issue.)

(2) Abuse or dishonest use of this privilege is strictly forbidden. Students engaging in the types of activities listed below will not only be penalized equivalent to double the cost of the normal fare, there is also the risk that student discounts will be suspended for all students attending the university.

① When a train ticket purchased with a student discount certificate is in another person’s name.
② When an individual other than the purchaser uses a discounted train ticket.
③ Using a discounted ticket after the deadline has expired.

(3) Student discount certificates are available at the “automatic issue machine” in the Student Lounge (4F, Building No. 5; hours: 8:30 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.).
Inquiries: Educational Planning Section.