Embassy Recommendation / 大使館推薦

Embassy Recommendation / 大使館推薦

For international students newly arriving from overseas / 新規に渡日する留学生対象

*Tokyo Medical and Dental University will merge with Tokyo Institute of Technology and establish a new university "Institute of Science Tokyo" in October 2024. Those completing their graduate programs on or after the day of integration will be graduates of the new university, and their diplomas will be issued under its name.
2024 年10月に 東京工業大学 と統合し、新大学 「東京科学大学」 に移行します。統合日以降は新大学の修了となるため、新大学の名称で学位記を発行することになります。

Research Student (graduate level)

Research students are recruited and selected by Japanese embassies worldwide. The recruitment process differs depending on the country. Please refer to the Japanese embassy in your country for details. The following is a rough schedule for the application process.
Application Timeline
February -March Recruitment at Japanese embassy in your country
May – July Primary screening by Japanese embassy in your country
August - September Contact ISSU / Obtain a Letter of Acceptance from TMDU
October Second screening by MEXT
the following February Notification of result by Japanese embassy in your country
the following March Visa procedures through Japanese embassy in your country
the following April Enrollment to TMDU (Optional: Japanese language training)
Your initial enrollment at TMDU is a non-degree student (graduate research student). You need to apply for and pass the entrance examinations of Master’s or doctoral programs in order to become regular graduate students.
Obtain a Letter of Provisional Acceptance from TMDU

Those who wish to obtain a letter of provisional acceptance from TMDU, please make a request by sending the following documents to ISSU (International Student Support Unit) via email:  
1. Letter of Provisional Acceptance Request Form/ 受入内諾書申請依頼書
2. Passing Certificate of the First Screening/ 第1次選考合格証明書
3. A set of copies of the following documents submitted to the embassy/general consulate:
- Application Form (申請書)
- Field of Study and Research Plan (専攻分野及び研究計画)
- Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended (出身大学の成績証明書)
- Certification of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended (出身大学の卒業(修了)証明書)
- Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor at the current or last university attended (出身大学の長または担任教員の推薦状)
- Abstracts of theses (学位論文概要) *If any (ある場合のみ)
4. Proof of [Japanese or English] Language Proficiency (語学【日本語または英語】能力証明書)
5. Passport (パスポートの写し)
*The above items 2 and 3 must bear the official stamp of the embassy/consulate general.
*All documents should be submitted via email in PDF format.
*Put “Request for Letter of Acceptance (Embassy Recommendation)” in the subject line when you send an email.
* You could find a department that you prefer in Application Guidelines of graduate schools posted on the websites below:

Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Master's: https://www.tmd.ac.jp/files/topics/37803_ext_19_4.pdf
PhD: https://www.tmd.ac.jp/files/topics/37803_ext_19_13.pdf

Graduate School of Health Care Sciences
Master's & PhD: https://www.tmd.ac.jp/files/topics/37804_ext_19_2.pdf

Please DO NOT contact a professor at TMDU without an approval from ISSU.

In general, it takes around one month to process your request. If your request is accepted, we will issue a letter of provisional acceptance and send it to the address on your Request Form. 

Submission Deadline: August 9 (Fri), 2024

- We will not accept application from those who have NOT passed the preliminary screening at the embassy/consulate general.
- Please submit your application to ISSU in a timely manner. We will not accept any request after the above deadline.
- We will process requests in the order in which they are received and cannot accommodate expedite requests.
- We will only issue ONE letter of provisional acceptance per applicant. Please think carefully about choosing your potential supervisor. 
- Incomplete applications will not be processed.
- The University offices will be closed from August 9 (Fri) - 13 (Tue), 2024. We will be unable to reply to your inquiries during this period.


Undergraduate Student

Application Timeline
Anytime Screening by Japanese embassy in your country
April Japanese language training at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture at Osaka
January – March Entrance examination by TMDU
April Enrollment to TMDU