Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan / 留学生住宅総合補償制度

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan / 留学生住宅総合補償制度

Overview / 概要

New applications after the university merger in October 2024 will not be accepted. / 2024年10月の大学統合後の新規申請は受け付けておりません

In Japan, a guarantor is usually required before one can move into a private apartment. This insurance policy makes it easier for international students to secure a guarantor by easing the psychological and financial burdens placed on the person acting as your guarantor. This system is comprised of the Overseas Travel Insurance and the Guarantors’ Protection Fund, which will protect students against insurance claim due to an accident in daily life and protect guarantors in the event a claim is filed against them by the landlord for non-payment of rent.

Eligibility / 加入条件

Those with the status of residence “Student” who are enrolled in or confirmed to enroll into TMDU.

Insurance Period/ 補償期間

Starting date / 開始日
①The following day your application is confirmed
②The day your rental contract begins
Either one or two years starting on the date whichever is later as mentioned above.

※Please receive the payment slip from the university and conduct payment as instructed. After that you can get the insurance certificate.
※In principle, the insurance ends when the period of stay under the residence status of "Student" ends (The student is no longer enrolled in the university due to graduation or withdrawal, or guarantors' protection is no longer needed), so please perform the cancellation procedures.

Brochure / パンフレット