Alumni Newsletter (Oct, 2022)

Alumni Newsletter (Oct, 2022)

Alumni Newsletter (May, 2022)

Dear Esteemed Alumni,

Greetings from the Institute of Global Affairs, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU).
We are all pleased to send you this 8th edition of the TMDU Alumni Newsletter, introducing the “Find-Your-Role-Model” Sessions and the “International Faculty Development Course (IFDC)”.
We have been holding a series of events called “Find-Your-Role-Model” Sessions to provide all students, residents, post-docs, faculty and staff with opportunities to interact with TMDU alumni and world-wide leaders in health sciences. Through this roundtable type, relaxed atmosphere event, we hope they will be able to find their role models in order to facilitate their career development in becoming future global leaders.

 The 68th Session 
-Date & Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (JST), Monday, November 7, 2022, via Zoom Meeting
-Guest: Naoyuki Kawahara, MD, PhD, currently provides medical support in Africa as an Executive Director of NPO
-Language: Japanese (English upon request)

👉 More details about Next session: 👉 Registration here

TMDU will hold the International Faculty Development Course (IFDC) with the purpose of introducing expertise in clinical dentistry at TMDU. This course will be held from February 7-10, 2023 at TMDU, Tokyo, Japan.

This course for clinical, research, and dental education offers participants up-to-date dental clinical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques that are often publicized in journals or books. You will have the chance to actually engage in discussions with your peers and build networks. This course has 3 goals, to gain new dental knowledge and new approaches for future treatments/research, to consider your clinical cases from a critical perspective, and to use skills for clinical procedures.

 Course Fee 
Registration and course fees are 100,000 JPY (Registration fee (50,000 JPY) + Course fee (50,000 JPY)). Please note that the registration fee is a one-time charge that covers all future IFDC and EECD courses.

If you and/or your colleagues are interested in this course, please take a look and share the following site:

As TMDU is dedicated to providing learning opportunities, we will continue to hold such sessions and courses in the future, so please join us if you have a chance.

We are looking forward to sharing information with you again in the next edition.
Thank you for joining us, and please stay well.

Warm regards from Tokyo,

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