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Voice from Alumni


Emeritus professor
Department of Orthopaedic Oncology,
Peking University Cancer Hospital,(Beijing, China),

Period @ TMDU ; 1991-1993 2000-2004
Department @ TMDU; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Lecture in JOA, Tokyo,2010-05-29

My Journey with TMDU
In 1991, as a visiting scholar funded by the Chinese government I started my journey with TMDU, that was the first time I studied at TMDU. In 2004, I studied the second time and obtained my Ph.D. from our university. The academic exchange with TMDU Department of Orthopedic Surgery began as early as I finished my first time study. Until 2019, we had exchanges almost every year, both officially and unofficially. I have been invited many times as Instructional Lecture Course Presenter and speakers to introduce our Orthopedic Oncology works in China at TMDU, JOA and SSMS conferences.

China-Japan Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Cooperation, PKU, Beijing, 2011-09-14

In May 2010, I led a team from my department to Tokyo to participate the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) 2010 sponsored by TMDU Orthopedic Surgery. At the conference, I gave a 60 minutes speech on Surgical Treatment for Metastatic Vertebral Tumor to more than 200 doctors. In September 2011, a team from TMDU came back to visit us at Peking University Cancer Hospital and participate in the conference we hosted. They introduced the latest Japanese cancer research and treatment to more than 200 Chinese doctors from all over China at that conference.

President Yasuyuki YOSHIZAWA, TMDU Homecoming Day, Tokyo, 2018-10-14

In 2018, we had a grant alumni reunion and nearly 100 TMDU oversea Chinese students went backon the Homecoming Day for TMDU's 90th anniversary. It provides us with a great opportunity to revisit campus, meet old friends and professors.