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Message to TMDU Alumni



Professor, Cariology and Operative Dentistry

皆さん、お元気ですか? 今は教育も臨床も、そして皆さんの大好きな研究活動にも様々な制約があり、苦労されていると思います。私は2021年3月の退職を前にこのような状況になるとは、思ってもいませんでした。でもきっと必ず復活の日が来ますから、今できることにしっかりと取り組みましょう。

留学生の皆さんも、帰国後は在籍した教室と共同研究を進めるのも難しかったと思いますが、これを機会にもう一度何か企画してみてはどうでしょうか。それでも同窓会のように皆さんと一緒に集まれる機会もあるといいですね。我々は、今年の12月には口腔病学会の国際プログラムとして、留学生の皆さんに参加してもらえるような企画を準備しています。その時には状況も改善していることを祈るばかりです。たくさんの皆さんの参加を期待しています。(詳細につきましては、 確定次第お知らせいたします。)


O-genki desuka? (How is everyone doing?) As it now stands, COVID-related restrictions apply to the TMDU classes, clinical practice and research work that I know you all love, and I understand how difficult everything must be for you right now. I never expected to experience a global pandemic like this ahead of my retirement next March. Normal life will resume, however—of that I have no doubt—and in the meantime, our job is to focus on what we can still accomplish.

The current situation has sparked an increase in online classes via Zoom. I have been giving graduate school lectures in English in the classroom for many years, but this April my lectures were broadcast to students and professors in Turkey and the United States, and the sessions proved to be quite animated. Holding this month’s research project meeting on Zoom, meanwhile, made it possible to invite participants from overseas. I’m optimistic that these developments will enable a range of new activities that weren’t possible before.

For those who have studied abroad, you may have found it difficult to promote joint research with the classes you took overseas upon returning to Japan. However, I hope you will see this as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and plans. At the very least, I hope the current situation will bring more people together for virtual reunions. We are currently putting together a program open to foreign students for the Japanese Stomatological Society this December. We can only pray that the current situation will improve, as we are hoping to attract large numbers to this event.
※Details will be announced later.

I have some very exciting news to share with you, too. In May 2020, amidst ongoing calls for social distancing, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved the dental diagnosis method using OCT (optical coherence tomography) imaging that we have been working on for the past decade. Developed in our classroom laboratory, this is the world’s first dental diagnostic OCT device, an incredible achievement made possible through everyone’s hard work. The device remains expensive, but everyone involved in the research and development is aware of its great significance for both clinical and research applications. We will continue to promote its usefulness here in the classroom.

I look forward to working with you all on joint projects again soon. Let’s stay positive and keep moving forward!