Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

This section introduces the Industry-Academia-Government Collaborative System and its achievements, including the Scholarship Contribution System.

This system allows faculty members of the institution to carry out commissioned research from private companies, to whom they later report the results.

Providing research guidance at the graduate level, we accept incumbent researchers and technical specialists from industry.

This system promotes the practice of collaborative research with researchers from outside organizations. The result of this system is superior research achievements.

In regards to medical studies on human subjects within the Commissioned Research, this system involves the provision of result-oriented research reports to commissioning organizations (except for clinical trials/when the facility is not a hospital attached to this institution).

As part of our Industry-Academia Collaborative Activities, Tokyo Medical and Dental University promotes various types of research, including but not limited to collaborative research and Commissioned Research with private companies, other universities and public research organizations.

Utilizing funding from private companies and other organizations, this system allows for the establishment of ‘courses’ and/or ‘research departments’ within Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Scholarship Contributions are a systematic means of financial support provided by private businesses and individuals that support education and research conducted at this institution.