Research University Promotion Organization URA Room

Striving to Be a World Leading Research University
In order to carry out projects that promote the strengthening of Tokyo Medical and Dental University as a research institution, we have established the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Research University Promotion Organization (RU). This organization will further accelerate our dedication to groundbreaking and creative research through the following structure: The Dean of TMDU will serve as Organizational Chief. They will lead the directors-in charge of each section, namely, the Chief of the URA Office (Vice-president of RU), Vice-president of Industry-Academia Collaboration and the Clerical Staff.
The URA Office was established within the RU Promotion Organization, where institutional research strategy is both planned and put into practice through the support of Research Directors.

Promotion Project for the Strengthening of Research Universities

The ‘Promotion Project for the Strengthening of Research Universities’ is an initiative that sets out to secure and utilize research management talent (including Research Administrators) at institutions of higher learning (such as universities and inter-university research institutes). Supporting concentrated efforts to strengthen the institution’s research ability, these people will take on roles related to university research strategy and intellectual property.

For fiscal 2013, Tokyo Medical and Dental University was selected by MEXT as an organization eligible to recieve support through the ‘Promotion Project for the Strengthening of Research Universities.’

Organizational Chart for the RU Promotion Organization and URA Member profiles at TMDU

Information about Research Administrators (URA)

Information on Major Activities run through the URA Office at TMDU.