Scholarship Contributions

Scholarship Contributions

In order to fund the enhancement and development of academic research and education programs, this institution provides a system for companies and private individuals to make financial contributions.
Scholarship Contributions are funds contributed by outside organizations (companies and individuals). These are set aside to cover expenses related to educational research and its promotion. Utilized to enhance and develop academic research and education, these funds play an important role in research and other activities.

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1. Scholarship Contribution Application Form

* Due to revised regulations, the Scholarship Contribution Application Format was changed on April 1st, 2016 Be aware that the old format may no longer be used.

2. Flow of Acceptance

  1. Submit ‘Contribution Application Form’
  2. This institution will send a ‘Request for Contribution Deposit.’ Please make sure the deposit of funds is made into the designated bank account accordingly. * Please understand that the issuance of a deposit request may take up to two months.
  3. Upon confirmation of deposit, the institution will send a ‘Contribution Receipt’ and ‘Note of Appreciation.’

3. Tax System

When contributing funds to this institution, the following favorable taxation measures will be taken.
  1. For Companies, the amount contributed can be utilized as a tax deducted (Corporate Tax Law Article 37, Clause 3, Number 2).
  2. For Individuals, the amount of contributed minus 2,000 yen (up to 40% of income) can be deducted from taxable income. (Income Tax Law Article 78, Clause 1)
  3. There was a revision of Tax Law on April 30th, 2008. Now, those individuals who live in the same local jurisdictions as this institution may receive a partial deduction on their resident tax. (Designated jurisdictions of this institution are Tokyo Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture and Ichikawa City.)

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For Inquiries regarding Scholarship Contributions

Clerical Department, Institute of Research Innovation

Tel:03-5803-4012(Extension 4012)