PART 2 “Education: Lectures and Training from the Past”

PART 2 “Education: Lectures and Training from the Past”

Exhibited October 2012 - September 2013 (provisional)

Bacteriology Lecture by Professor Toru Shimamine, School Principal

The photograph above shows Professor Toru Shimamine, Principal of the Tokyo National School of Dentistry, giving a lecture circa 1939. Professor Shimamine studied clinical dentistry and bacteriology in Germany, and conducted successful research into pure cultures of spirochetes, in particular.

Practice with Pedal-controlled Phantoms

This photograph shows students practicing on mannequins at the Tokyo National School of Dentistry in 1941. Principal Masaru Nagao introduced this training technique, known as “Phantom,” that used mannequins with model teeth. In addition, the Dental Hospital was equipped with the latest German-made electrical motors, and students looked forward to using these pedal-controlled devices in their clinical practice sessions.

Orthodontics Lecture by Professor Josef Eschler

Professor Josef Eschler, above, gave a series of lectures on orthodontics in 1943 at Tokyo National School of Dentistry. The school was unparalleled as a vocational college for dentistry, and invited many specialists from Germany, who typically lectured in German. The students, who studied German as a foreign language, were attentive and always had dictionaries at their sides.

Teaching Staff, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (former system)

Pictured above are the members of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (former system) teaching staff from 1949. In May of that year the university was reorganized under a new system. Principal Masaru Nagao appears in the front row, second from right, and TMDU’s first Director General, Takeo Kikukawa, is third from right in the back row.

Capping Ceremony, School of Nursing

Capping ceremonies, as depicted above, were held in the early days of the School of Nursing, specifically in 1951, 1952, and 1953. These ceremonies marked the successful completion of the students’ six-month preparatory period, and acknowledged their suitability to be nurses.

Pediatric Outpatient Training

The photograph above shows practical training being carried out at the TMDU Faculty of Medicine, circa 1952. They are being instructed by Professor Keizo Ota, TMDU’s third Principal, who appears on the far left.

Mannequin Practice, School for Dental Hygienists

The photograph above shows students in the School for Dental Hygienists practicing on mannequins. These mannequins, which were introduced into basic training at TMDU, differ from those used today in that they were simple stands without faces. The students above are practicing tooth scaling, an important part of a dental hygienist’s work. The training was especially designed to help the students learn how to use scalers and position themselves relative to the patient.

Metasequoia Tree Planting Ceremony

The photograph above shows the planting of a metasequoia tree in front of the Faculty of Medicine by 7th-year students in 1956. The students are commemorating the award of the Order of Culture by the Emperor to Professor Tanemoto Furuhata of the Faculty of Medicine, who appears in the center of the photograph, for his contributions to medical research. The photograph below shows the tree 56 years after it was planted, with M&D Tower to the left of the Medical Hospital.

Clinical Neuropsychiatry Lecture by Professor Toshiki Shimazaki

Professor Toshiki Shimazaki is shown lecturing at the TMDU Faculty of Medicine circa 1955. Professor Shimazaki’s great uncle was the literary giant Toson Shimazaki, and his brother was the writer Shinya Nishimaru. Professor Shimazaki was himself the author of many works, such as Verses of the Heart and What is Life? (Iwanami Shoten).

Clinical Training, School for Dental Technicians

The students in the School for Dental Technicians in this photo are undergoing clinical training in 1979. Their classroom was adjacent to the dental laboratory of the Dental Hospital. The students arrived from Building No. 2 and practiced alongside dental laboratory staff.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Kounodai Campus)

These photographs show the Kounodai Campus, where TMDU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is located. During their time at the College, TMDU students learn together, regardless of their faculty or school. After the introduction of the Interprofessional Medical and Dental Education curriculum in 2011, TMDU students now spend a year together at the lush Kounodai Campus.

Interprofessional Medical and Dental Education

The photograph above shows students who had Harvard University clinical clerkships presenting about their experiences, and also shows the newly remodeled lecture rooms on the 3rd floor of Building No. 3. These rooms were readied as part of the introduction of the new Interprofessional Medical and Dental Education curriculum, which students who matriculated in April 2011 first experienced.