Education at TMDU

Education at TMDU

Fostering consummate medical professionals whose human qualities—grounded in wide ranging education, high ethical standards, and problem-solving skills and creativity—will qualify them to exercise leadership in the future.

TMDU has been fostering the medical professionals, researchers, and educators that society needs as well as leaders capable of fulfi lling active roles in the upper echelons of their professions worldwide. At TMDU, our conception of medical education is by no means limited to imparting medical knowledge and skills. It also includes the vital task of offering students a wide-ranging education and the opportunity to cultivate a rich sensibility centering on ethics and empathy, qualities that all medical professionals require.

Our students will eventually fulfi ll vital and infl uential roles in societies that in many ways will be quite different from the society in which we, the faculty, spent our formative years. The progress of information technology will accelerate, touching virtually every sphere of human activity. Advances in networking will open up new channels allowing people to engage directly with one another, in real time and at low cost. Once secure utilization of big data is ensured, we may experience a social and economic transformation.

At TMDU, students study state-of-the-art medicine while gaining a sound academic grounding. Nevertheless, students must bear in mind that skills and knowledge acquired at TMDU may become obsolete in the future. It is essential that medical professionals continue to learn, seizing every opportunity to hone their intellects, always striving to interact fruitfully with society and respond effectively to change while living life to the full.

TMDU’s ultimate objective is to be a source of talented people who will fulfill active roles in society as leaders. To that end, we are doing out utmost to offer education meeting the needs of the new era.