Research at TMDU

Research at TMDU

Contributing to Total Healthcare through research with social impact.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) was selected as a “Designated National University Corporation” by Koichi Hagiuda, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on October 15, 2020. It is because TMDU is
regarded as one of the foremost national universities in Japan with the potential to compete with the world's leading universities. We will start to act as a designated national university corporation from April 2022. 

Of the nine designated national universities as of October 2020, TMDU is the only one specialized in the medical field. Reflecting this, our mission is not only to produce excellent research results, but also to realize Total Healthcare for the world and humankind across the generations.

Aiming to realize Total Healthcare, TMDU launched the “Organ and Tissue Neogenesis Consortium” in September 2017, the “Medical Innovation Consortium” in December 2018, the “Rare Disease (RD) Consortium” in February 2020, and the “M&D Data Science Center” in April 2020. Taking the opportunity of becoming a designated national university corporation in April 2022, by incorporating the Faculty of Dentistry, which is one of its strengths, TMDU will reorganize its priority areas into the following four areas: “Oral Science Research,” “Organ and Tissue Neogenesis Research,”“Research on Rare Diseases,” and “Medical and Dental Data Science.” The Medical Innovation Consortium and the Rare Disease (RD) Consortium will be integrated into research on Research on Rare Diseases, and Oral Science Research will be newly established. With the aim of exploring the next priority areas and fostering young researchers, we have established an outstanding graduate school system, a next-generation researcher training unit, and a special researcher system to seamlessly support the development of graduate students into Principal Investigators.

At TMDU, we believe that “originality,” “integrity” and “social impact” are essential in carrying out research. For realization of total healthcare, an inclusive approach is indispensable and not only the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry but also the Faculty of Liberal Arts and two research institutes (the Institute for Biomaterials Engineering and the Medical Research Institute) must work in concert. With passion and determination, the entire university will unite in pursuit of the realization of total healthcare.