Clinical Activity at TMDU

Clinical Activity at TMDU

Bringing “Total Health Care” to the world at large through superior technology that combines the fruits of research and sophisticated knowledge—this is the “TMDU model.”

In today’s rapidly aging society, medical care is expected to contribute to the health and well-being of each individual so that each and every person can feel that “my life was a full one to the very end.” Rather than merely focusing on the symptoms and identifying the disease, what is called for is “comprehensive patient care” that tailors the treatment to the individual patient by considering each case from a variety of viewpoints, including social, economic, and psychological aspects.

Based on its vision, “Cultivating Professionals with Knowledge and Humanity, thereby Contributing to People’s Well-being,” TMDU nurtures professionals equipped with sophisticated knowledge and outstanding technique who perceive human pain and sorrow and are considerate and have a highly developed sense of ethics, and TMDU puts comprehensive patient care into practice.

As a comprehensive medical university and graduate school, TMDU pursues an educational philosophy with three aims: “To provide students with a broad education and a rich sensibility;” “to educate creative people capable of diagnosing and solving problems independently;” and “to train medical professionals with a rich international quality.” TMDU trains physicians, dentists, and co-medical personnel to meet the needs of society, and counts among its graduates many researchers, medical professionals, and leaders who possess the knowledge, technique, learning, and sensitivity needed to work at the forefront on the world stage, as well as an international awareness and the ability to compete internationally. This accounts for the high regard in which TMDU is held both in Japan and internationally, and is exemplified by the fact that our Medical Hospital has been ranked number one in number of applicants among clinical research hospitals in Japan numerous times. In addition, the combined number of new patients at TMDU's Medical Hospital and Dental Hospital is number one among hospitals affiliated with national universities in Japan. As these examples indicate, the clinical activity at TMDU is held in the highest regard by patients, medical and dental interns who will become the next generation of healthcare professionals, and physicians and dentists from throughout Japan who are active at the vanguard of patient care. 

By making the most of its unique position as the only comprehensive medical university and graduate school with both a Faculty of Medicine and a Faculty of Dentistry among national universities in Japan, TMDU is developing and researching medical technologies that fuse the medical and dental fields to meet the needs of our rapidly aging society, while at the same time training personnel to provide next generation regional medical care and emergency treatment.

TMDU also provides its students with the opportunity to do research and clinical practice at top-class medical and dental schools overseas. Furthermore, TMDU is working to build a medical and dental education model that exceeds the
international standard, making use of collaborative exchange programs with faculties overseas (in Chile, Ghana, Thailand, etc.), while contributing to the enhancement of medical and dental education in Japan.

TMDU’s Medical Hospital and Dental Hospital will be integrated on October 1, 2021 and make a fresh start as Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital.

TMDU Hospital will aim to disseminate a medical care model in which medicine and dentistry are integrated.