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Research at TMDU

TMDU brings together the wisdom of diverse academic disciplines, carries out pioneering research, and passes on the results to the wider society.

At Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), our mission and goal as the only one comprehensive medical university in Japan goes beyond the production of impressive research results; we also committed to passing on those results in a way that benefits medical care and the health in the community. In order to link our advanced and creative research and ground-breaking medical treatment technology to the society, special attention is paid not only to basic scientific research but also to the societal benefits that will follow. In other words, TMDU considers the key points to be how the results of basic research can be applied to clinical practice, how they can improve medical care, how they can contribute to the health and the well-being in the society. Our mission ‘cultivating professionals with knowledge and humanity’, in the context of research, can be summarized in five points, as follows:

*To contribute to human health and well-being, we compete with our peers, forming research centers to carry out basic and clinical research at the cutting-edge internationally and generate new knowledge related to the life sciences and disease.

*To enhance the QOL of patients, we collaborate with other academic institutions and with industry, sharing the knowledge we have gained and putting it into practical use through the development of new medical technologies and therapeutics. We also consider it an important task to cultivate young researchers and female researchers, through these activities.

*To carry out this mission in a timely manner, a well-equipped research environment is essential. This is not simply a matter of expanding research facilities, installing impressive new equipment, and securing supporters for the research.

*It is also needed to establish rules that ensure that research conforms to high standards of ethics and transparency, and to put in place a compliance regime, in order to create an environment where researchers can work with confidence and peace of mind.

*By putting in place such a research environment and serving as a flagship leading the way in medical research both in Japan and internationally, TMDU aspires to be a leading comprehensive medical university. With this aim in mind we have established the “Institute of Research” and will continue to improve our research facilities to build up a robust research support system.