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Education at TMDU

TMDU trains graduates who combine a broad education, a rich sensibility, high ethical standards, creativity and boldness to make their own decisions, an international outlook, and leadership ability.

As a comprehensive medical university and graduate school, Tokyo Medical and Dental University follows an educational philosophy with three aims: “To provide students with a broad education and a rich sensibility,” “to educate creative people capable of diagnosing and solving problems independently,” and “to train medical professionals with a rich international quality.” We endeavor to train physicians, dentists, and medical personnel to meet the needs of society, as well as researchers and leaders who can take an active role at the forefront internationally.

The necessary education for young persons entering the university aspiring to become medical professionals is not limited to medical knowledge and technique. Only when these are paired with education that fosters the ethical principles and consideration for other human beings required of a medical professional is it possible “to provide students with a broad education and a rich sensibility.”

Students who simply acquire knowledge and technique through passive study only become capable of solving problems that are presented to them. Each patient’s illness has as its background many social and individual factors. This is why a medical professional must treat each patient as a unique individual. It is not possible to treat patients effectively without the creativity to identify and solve problems on one’s own. In order “to educate creative people capable of diagnosing and solving problems independently,” TMDU has put in place a curriculum designed to train creative persons who possess both sophisticated medical knowledge and excellent technical skills.

In order to fully achieve a mutual understanding with patients, a medical professional needs, in addition to sophisticated knowledge and technique, a deep understanding of the spiritual culture of his or her own country and a sympathetic view toward foreign cultures. TMDU aims to train “medical professionals with a rich international quality,” who are capable of communicating across cultures and training medical professionals overseas. Based on this commitment to the training of “medical professionals with a rich international quality,” TMDU is actively pursuing measures such as clinical training at overseas universities and the establishment of a system for transferring academic credits earned by students at universities abroad.

Building on the foundations provided by the three aims of its educational philosophy, TMDU has achieved impressive results. In “QS World University Rankings by Subject,” released in 2019, TMDU is ranked 3rd for medicine and 1st for dentistry in Japan. In the Times Higher Education (THE) “World University Rankings” issued in 2018 TMDU is ranked 7th in Japan in the general category (no subject specified). TMDU’s dedicated efforts and achievements have led to international recognition. In the 2018 edition of THE’s “World’s Best Small Universities,” TMDU is ranked 1st in Japan and 15th in the world. Furthermore, in THE’s “Top Universities with the Best Student-to-Staff Ratio” for 2019, TMDU is ranked 9th in Japan and 13th in the world.