University Library

University Library

The TMDU libraries handle the following: Administration of spe-cialized publications and periodicals related to dentistry and medicine (Main library) and liberal arts and sciences publications (Kounodai Branch Library), provision of electronic journals and publications and academic databases, provision of interlibrary loan (ILL) services, full range of services for library visitors and network users, maintenance of the libraries’ environments, edit-ing of the University and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences journals, and the curation of rare books.

The division handles the following: ICT backup related to education at TMDU, including management and implementation and support for the use of WebClass, Net Academy, and other forms of e-learning for educational purposes; administration of computer-based testing (CBT) servers; management of PCs used for educational purposes; computer simulation education; data literacy education (document searches, copyrights, and data security); support for the recording, transmission, and simulcast of lecture videos; video content production; and provision of net-work environments within the libraries.

University Library consists of Main and Branch. Main Library specializes in medical and dental sciences. Branch Library has various books for students who belong to the college of liberal arts.

Institute of Information Technology is offering Posters and banners printer service for conferences' presentaition etc at Library Management room on the 3rd floor of M&D tower.
Our university's faculty member and postgraduate are eligible to use those big printers to print posters and banners with some fee.

We have started offering Omakase-printer-service! It is totally different from existing service in terms of applying and receiving.