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Institute of Information Technology(University Library / Division of Information Infrastructure and Security)

Mission Statement

The Institute of Information Technology collects, organizes, manages, and utilizes publications and other essential materials with information on dentistry and medicine required for education, research, and studies at TMDU, while also promoting the comprehensive use of information and communication technology.

(Notice; From Institute of Information Technology IT Development Section)

Announcement of changing the authentication method for Webmail

"Two-factor authentication" will be postponed to 13 Nov.

The effective date of the two-factor authentication method for
off-campus using Webmail is decided to be postponed, because the date
has not been well notified for some faculty.
Unless you have already set up the two-factor authentication of Webmail,
you have to complete the settings before the due date.

1. Transition period : From September 17, 2019 to November 12, 2019

After September 17, there will be a transition period to use
two-factor authentication. During the period, log in to a Webmail
website and change the option settings.
Please note that you can log in as usual for using Webmail from the
inside of the university during this period regardless of the setting

Check a following
URL(manual)(Manual available from campus LAN only.)

2. Operation will be Launched : November 13, 2019

Two-factor authentication will be mandated on November 13, 2019.
If you did not complete the setting for two-factor authentication after
November 13, you would not be able to log in to Webmail from the outside
of the university.
You can log in as usual from the inside of the university, unless you
set multi-factor authentication, please set it up in the university.

IT Helpdesk E-mail:



Anti Virus Software Distribution
・To those who would like to install an anti-virus-software to your computer Click here【Inside campus LAN only】
・If you encounter difficulty when you install an anti-virus software, please send an e-mail to IT helpdesk

TougouID are introduced to enhance users' convenience,
when unknown to TougouID's ID & PWD
・staff No.(or student No.)
specified inside an email,and send it to
IT helpdesk

Web Class
・To those who forget ID&PWD of Web Class Click here
・With own TougouID, you are able to access into Web Class.
・Other Inquiry for Web Class, send an e-mail to IT helpdesk

Poster Printer
・Faculty member & post-graduate student of TMDU are eligible to use Poster Printer service with paying by faculty budged. Click here (From inside campus LAN only)
・With own campus network account name & PWD, you are able to access into the application website.
Omakase-printer-service! is now also available to Faculty member & post-graduate student.(Details are also mentioned at the page )

We are now operating on 3F of M&D tower.

New service has started!「Omakase-printer-service」. Details are here【From inside campus LAN only】
Application form【From inside campus LAN only】
 Omakase-printer-service sorry! for Japanese language only but English translation hereUsers; send PDF file(s), staff will print out posters.(Completion takes up to 5-days.)
 Ordinary printer service.:First of all users apply printer reservation date and bring data on the day. Generally users operate the PCs at printers' room. Once complete setting the data on the PCs. Staff will take care of printing as well as cutting.

with TougouID you can view almost all your activities related to the Library at MyLibrary.

You can check emails from both outside or inside of campus.

For student informaiton portal
Information portal for students.

Introduction and application page for using Support tool for active learning "Imakiku".(Japanese page only)

・how to use computer
・Related to campus information network
・Large-sized printers
・tougouID & campus LAN account
・how to use & install VPN(virtual private network) to view materials & pages available only from inside campus
・how to borrow PC room of Library
・Inquiry about Webclass

【TEL】 03-5803-5599,5861,5862
※Other Inquiry related to IT or Library, send e-mail to