M&D Data Science Center

M&D Data Science Center

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Established in April 2020, the M&D Data Science Center will take the lead in promoting TMDU’s medical and dental research, healthcare, and education from the perspective of data science. The Center is a model case for spearheading new research in these fields with a view to meeting the needs of Society 5.0.

The M&D Data Science Center has three facets—M&D Data Science Platform, M&D Data Science Implementation, and M&D Data Science Outcome—and comprises seven departments whose researchers are specialized in fields with an important bearing on medical data science, namely, information science, statistical science, computational science, and ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI).

Through organic collaboration with the university hospitals and other existing organizations, the enter will lay the foundation for research into the new discipline of medical data science. Prowess in data science will allow TMDU to exploit the potential of medical big data.

Satoru Miyano, Director

M&D Data Science Center established in Building 22