Various Projects Run by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science

Various Projects Run by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science

Project Introductions, Various types of Educational and Research Support provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
We would like to introduce various types of educational and research support provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. It includes research grants, funding for training of researchers and the promotion of international science exchanges.

Training of Young Researchers

Special Researchers

This program provides research scholarships to selected students and PH.D. degree-holders who exhibit superior research abilities and wish to concentrate on research at universities or other research organizations as specially appointed ‘Special Researchers.’ This program is aimed at personnel who, after acceptance, will engage in research at organizations such as public and private universities in Japan, inter-university research institutes, national review and research organizations, independent administrative and special or government-financed corporations, and other corporations established in accordance with Article 34 of the Civil Code - all of which participate in research and development activities or Private Research Organizations (refer to ‘8. Organization for engaging in Research section 2’).

Overseas Special Researchers

In order to train and secure superior researchers with highly-developed international perspectives - researchers who will play important roles in the future of the nation’s science activities, this program sends young researchers abroad and financially supports them in order to allow them to concentrate on research for a designated period of time. This program is aimed at full-time personnel (or those who wish to become full-time researchers) who belong to public and private universities and inter-university research institute (hereafter ‘universities, Etc. and scientific research organizations’) in Japan, as well as staff at national reviews and research organizations, independent administrative, special and approved and public corporations that participate in research and development activities, and local public review and research organizations (hereafter ‘national review and research organizations, Etc.’).

Overseas Posting of Researchers

Systematic Overseas Posting Program for Young Researchers

Within the ‘Systematic Overseas Posting Program for Young Researchers’ initiative, universities and other scientific research organizations work together with national reviews and research organizations in Japan to support projects that systematically provide opportunities for young researchers (undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral fellows, assistants, assistant professors, teachers or any other equivalent positions), to participate in research at overseas institutions or regions subject to research. Through these endeavors, the program aims to train superior researchers with highly developed international perspectives who will go on to take up important roles in Japan’s future science-related activities.

Collaborative Research / Seminars

Bilateral Collaborative Research / Seminars

Based on international agreements regarding scientific cooperation, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) participates in collaborative projects with foreign organizations for science promotion (corresponding organizations). This program aims to support the implementation expenses for collaborative research and seminars, which are cooperatively undertaken by researchers in Japan and partner nations.

U.S.-Japan Cancer Research Collaboration

In order to promote international collaboration on cancer research, JSPS has participated in a research collaboration program with the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) since 1974. This program provides financial support for the implementation of collaborative research that aims to promote the establishment of an inter-organization research network as well as the active participation of young researchers in international collaborative research. In order to fulfill this purpose, the program provides opportunities to research groups in both the U.S. and Japan to participate in research activities and seminars together.

Franco-Japanese Exchange Promotion Project

JSPS participates in a project with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on international agreements regarding scientific collaboration. Collaborative research and seminars provided by this program aims to support young researchers in both France and Japan. In addition to nurturing their abilities to engage in new international collaborative research and organize seminars, the program provides these researchers with the opportunity to establish a human network. JSPS financially supports implementation costs for Japanese researchers who participate in this program.

International Workshops

To promote international scientific collaboration, JSPS runs a project that encourages the hosting of scientific research workshops (hereafter ‘workshops’) within Japan. This project aims to actively promote international scientific exchange by providing opportunities for researchers to exchange information and contribute to the improvement of research standards both in Japan and on the world stage.

Multilateral Research Collaboration

Advanced Research Base Project

Initiated by the JSPS in fiscal 2003, this project was created to promote the establishment of an international collaborative research structure for leading scientific fields. It was undertaken in collaboration with universities and scientific research organizations in Japan and many scientifically advanced nations (15 nations, including the U.S., Canada, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, and New Zealand).

Exchanges with other Asian Nations

Base University Exchange Project

In relation to exchanges with other Asian nations, the Base University Exchange Project is the most important large-scale project implemented by JSPS. Based on a scientific council proposal by the Ministry of Education in 1977 titled ‘Scientific Exchange with other Asian Countries,’ this project has been running since 1978. Though it initially involved only the nations of Southeast Asia, China and South Korea have since joined.

Asia Center of Excellence Project

This program was implemented to cultivate young researchers who will be able to take up core roles in the next generation of science leadership. Moreover, it aims to construct a world-class research base for fields that are considered advanced within Japan as well as other areas internationally recognized as important. This is done through the establishment of sustained collaborative relationships between ‘Centers of Excellence’ (hereafter ‘COE’) in both japan and other Asian countries. Through this program, COE’s in Japan and Asian countries implement effective ‘collaborative research’ initiatives, ’Scientific Meetings’ (seminars) and ’Researcher Exchanges’ as equal partnership bi-directional exchanges.

Asia-Africa Scientific Foundation

In order to help solve problems in the Asian and African regions, research organizations in Japan are taking a leading role in the establishment of sustained collaborative relationships with research base organizations (hereafter ‘base organizations’) in both Asian and African nations. Through this initiative, the Asia-Africa Scientific Foundation Project will establish core research bases for fields of concern and cultivate young researchers. Within this project, the base organizations of Asian and African nations (including Japan) will implement effective combinations of
‘collaborative research’, ’Scientific Meetings’ (seminars) and ’Researcher Exchanges.’

Thesis-based Support Program for Doctoral Degree Applicants

This program supports skilled researchers in the following nations: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is designed to help them acquire doctoral degrees without taking an actual doctorate course at a Japanese institution.

Support Program for the Exchange of Young Researchers

JSPS is initiating this program to provide opportunities for graduate students (both master’s and doctoral) of other nations (mainly in Asia) to pursue research. It involves the invitation of young researchers (such as post doctoral fellows) to universities and scientific research organizations in Japan.

Invitation of Foreign Researchers

Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers

This program provides opportunities for young researchers of foreign countries who have just acquired their doctorate degrees. It allows them to pursue research in collaboration with and under the guidance of researchers of host universities and organizations in Japan. This program aims to support the development of individual research and foreign ‘special researchers.’ By doing so, the program contributes to scientific progress in Japan and other nations.

Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers (U.S. and EU, Short-term)

As part of the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers Project, young researchers from the U.S. and EU who have or soon will obtain their doctorate degrees will be provided with opportunities to pursue their research in collaboration with and under the guidance of Japanese researchers at Japanese host universities, for a period of 15 days to 11 months. This project aims to support the development of individual foreign research, and by doing so, promote scientific exchanges between Japan, the U.S. and EU nations.

Invitation of Foreign Researchers (Short-term)

In an attempt to promote the international scientific collaboration, JSPS participates in a program that involves the invitation of foreign researchers to conduct research in Japan for a short-term period. This program aims to contribute to the development of research in science-related fields through discussions, opinion exchanges, lectures and other interactions between Japanese researchers skilled foreign researchers. Program duration is from 14 to 60 days.

Invitation of Renowned Foreign Researchers

By inviting foreign researchers who are known for outstanding achievements (‘Renowned Foreign Researchers’) to visit host institutions in Japan,this program aims to contribute to the development of scientific research in Japan as well as to improve the research standards and international reputations of participating universities and organizations. Renowned researchers will visit host institutions and receive sustained cooperation during the duration of their stays in Japan in regards to their own research activities and those of the institution.

Other Programs

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Award

In order to continuously improve the level of scientific research being done in Japan and ensure world-class results, we must recognize and praise the skills and creative research abilities of young researchers from an early stage in their careers. Doing this will keep them motivated and support the development of their research. To support this initiative, JSPS newly established the ‘Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Award.’

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