Public Competition Research Funds

Public Competition Research Funds

This section introduces information on public competition research funds provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as well as the Japan Science and Technology Agency and various educational/research support measures provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Global COE Program

Since fiscal 2007, MEXT has attempted to enhance and strengthen the educational and research functions of graduate schools in Japan. In order to develop world-class creative human resources and become an internationally pre-eminent research base, the program selectively supports the foundation of international bastions of high-level educational research. By doing so, the program helps to nurture internationally competitive universities.
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MEXT Global COE Program

Special Coordinated Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology

In line with policies of the Council for Science and Technology, Special Coordinated Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology are funds allocated for executing comprehensive activities that are essential to the promotion of scientific technology. They can also be utilized for the following measures: Projects that could become policy initiatives for each ministry; ‘borderline’ initiatives that don’t correspond with conventional ministry-based policies; initiatives that can expect synergetic effects through the cooperation of multiple organizations; initiatives that require flexibility; initiatives that will have a highly stimulating effect on the government; and finally, the policies listed below that fit the characteristics described above.

1.Systematic Reformation of Scientific Technology for Generating Superior Results
2.Strategic Support for Fields and Domains that Show Great Promise
3.Activities related to Promoting Internationalization of Scientific Technology

Core of Excellence Formation Program for Emerging/Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

The ‘Core of Excellence Formation Program for Emerging/Re-emerging Infectious Diseases’ was initiated in fiscal 2005 as a MEXT-commissioned project. It is based on the framework of a select number of domestic universities and research organizations that can support research into infectious diseases. While strengthening each organization’s infrastructure, the program intends for the selected institutions to form a ‘COE’ that promotes bilateral joint research between overseas stationed Japanese staff and researchers in nations that suffer from or are at high risk of suffering from outbreaks of emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases.

Translational Research Support Promotion Program

The ‘Translational Research Support Promotion Program’ creates ‘Translational’ research bases that support research institutions. These are places that develop practical medical applications through promising basic studies and plant the seeds of development strategy – producing testing materials aimed at Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. At the same time, the program oversees the development status of these bases and creates a support system through the establishing of a network between bases.
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MEXT Translational Research Support Promotion Program

Regenerative Medical Technique Actualization Project

Based on a 10-year plan (first 5 years being Phase 1, and the latter 5 years being Phase 2), the ‘Regenerative Medical Technique Actualization Project’ has been in operation since fiscal 2003. It aims to establish and put into practice the pioneering stem cell application technology necessary for empowering regenerative medical techniques. This technology has the potential to fundamentally change conventional medical treatment – including cell and tissue transplantation.

Strategic Promotion Program for Brain Science Research

Initiated in fiscal 2008, this MEXT program aims to strategically promote Brain Science Research. By continuously developing this area in Japan, which now faces issues such as an aging population and low birth rate, this initiative can contribute much to society.

Target Protein Research Program

The Target Protein Research Program aims to elucidate the structure and functions of selected target proteins, which are considered important to academic research and industrial development. However, they are extremely difficult to structurally elucidate using today’s technological know-how. The program aims to achieve its goals while utilizing the research results and facilities (NMR, X-ray crystal structural analysis facilities, Etc.) from past projects in order to develop technology for analyzing the structure and function of highly complex proteins.
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MEXT Target Protein Research Program

Japan Science and Technology Agency

Strategic Promotion Project for Creative Research

This JST project is a ‘top-down’ initiative that promotes goal-oriented basic research. This research aims to actualize Japan’s policy objectives of the nation and plant technology seeds that will prove useful to industry and society. Researchers from universities, public research organizations and private companies will form a research community across organizations for a limited time period and develop their research together. This is in contrast to ‘bottom-up’ Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research, which primarily respects suggestions from individual researchers.
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Strategic Promotion Project for Creative Research

Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-Driven R&D A-STEP

A-STEP is a technology transfer support program for a wide range of research and development phases. These aim to develop practical applications based on the research results produced by universities/public research institutes.

Promotion Project for the Creation of Strategic Innovation

The Promotion Project for Creation of Strategic Innovation (S-Innov) intends to establish technology that will become the basis for new industries and create innovation through long-term seamless promotion of research and development. Its themes are based on the results of JST Strategic Creative Research Promotion Projects (CREST, ERATO, Sakigake and SORST), which aims to create revolutionary new technologies that will lead to the creation of new industries and the development of scientific technology.

Promotion Project for the Creation of Ventures for Young Researchers

While cooperating with existing organizations (e.g., Venture Business Laboratory), which is active at universities and other organizations, the Promotion Project for the Creation of Ventures for Young Researchers aims to support the formation of career paths for young researchers and entrepreneurs. By promoting necessary research and development as well as the establishment of business ventures, this initiative contributes much to young researchers.

International Cooperative Scientific Technology Project for Supporting Global Issues

Based on the needs of developing countries, this project sets global issues as its subject matter. While promoting collaborative international research that can be harnessed by society and implemented in the near future in cooperation ODA, the project aims to develop knowledge that will lead to the resolution of global issues and improvement of scientific technology standards. In addition this initiative aims to improve the autonomous research and development capabilities of developing countries through international collaborative research and the establishment of a sustainable operational structure that will contribute to resolving each partner’s issues.

Advanced Measurement and Analysis Technology / Instrument Development Project

In fiscal 2004, the Japan Science and Technology Agency initiated the ‘Advanced Measurement and Analysis Technology / Instrument Development Project’ in order to better meet the needs of advanced research and to promote the development of the most advanced measurement and analysis technology. This includes the development of instruments and their surrounding systems. This creative project contributes to unique and future-oriented research and development.

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