Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School

For international students to be enrolled in TMDU, they must take an entrance examination stated below.
Every examination is conducted only in Japanese, and all regular classes/lectures of TMDU are also conducted only in Japanese. Proficiency of Japanese language is required for internatinal students.
The application guideline for each program can be downloaded from the TMDU Japanese site (募集要項).

* Special Selection Entrance Examination for Privately-financed International Students (私費外国人留学生特別選抜)

* General Entrance Examination (First-period / Second-period) (一般選抜 (前期日程・後期日程)

* Special Selection Entrance Examination I (International Baccalaureate) (特別選抜Ⅰ(国際バカロレア選抜))

* Special Selection Entrance Examination II (Returnee Homecoming Students) (特別選抜Ⅱ(帰国生選抜))