Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School

Q1: I am not confident in my writing and speaking in Japanese. Can I even apply to Undergraduate program ?

A1: All classes, lectures of each faculty are taught only in Japanese. Students must have sufficient Japanese language
proficiency for study. Successful applicants (international students) will attend the regular undergraduate program with
Japanese students.

Q2: What Entrance Examination can international student apply ?

A2: Applicants who graduated from high schools or completed the same scholastic education in foreign countries
can apply to these entrance examinations.

* General entrance exam (First-term) 一般選抜・前期 > 2-days in late February
* General entrance exam (Second-term) 一般選抜・後期 > 2-days in middle March
* Special selection Entrance exam for Privately-financed international students 私費外国人留学生特別選抜 >
1-day in late February and 1-day in middle March

To take General entrance exam (First and Second term), applicants must take National Center Test for University
Admission held on middle of January in advance (National Center for University Entrance Examinations).

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma holder can apply to this.
* Special selection Entrance examinationⅠ(International Baccalaureate) 特別選抜Ⅰ(国際バカロレア選抜) >
2-days in late November

Those who has taken University Entrance Qualification Examination at country of resident and met the designated
qualification of TMDU application guideline, who has Japanese nationalities, can apply to this.
* Special selection Entrance examination Ⅱ (Returnee homecoming Students) 特別選抜Ⅱ(帰国生選抜) >
2-days in late February

* Exam schedule for “Special selection Entrance exam for Privately-financed international students“ conflicts with “General entrance exam (First and Second term)”. Applicants cannot take both exams.
* Exam schedule for “Special selection Entrance examⅡ” conflicts with “General entrance exam (First-term)”. Applicants cannot take both exams.
* Details of application qualification is in Application Guideline (募集要項). Please see them carefully. Qualification will be different from each examinations.

Please download Application Guideline (募集要項) from Japanese page (above link) and see the exam schedule and
other information.

Q3: Do you have “Transfer examination” ?

A3: Yes. Please see the Application Guideline (編入学試験)

Application Guideline for Transfer Examination (編入学試験)

Q4: Can I have English Application Guideline ?

A4: No. Application Guidelines for Undergraduates are written only in Japanese.
As explained on Q/A 1, all students are required of Japanese language proficiency, and at least they should understand what are written in the Guidelines.

Q5: I live overseas now. Can I take entrance examination online or any way without flying over ?

A5: No. Every examination will be held in Japan. Examinations are planned neither overseas nor via the Internet.

Q6: I am not Japanese. Do I need take EJU (Examination for Japanese University -日本留学試験) ?

A6: If you will apply for “Special selection Entrance exam for Privately-financed international students”, you must take EJU which is held at the latest in the 2-year prior with designated subjects. Please check in the guideline (募集要項).
For other entrance examinations, applicants do not need taking EJU.

In addition, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (any of that conducted by authorized associations) is not required.