Original Article 2010

Original Article 2010

1. Staffs and Students 2010

ProfessorKeiichi OHYA
Associate ProfessorKazuhiro AOKI
Assistant ProfessorYukihiko TAMURA
TechnologistMariko TAKAHASHI
Foreign Researcher (JSPS)Hennadige Niroshani Surangika SOYSA (~Apr)
Chrisman Neil Roshan Alexander ALLES (Nov~)
ResearcherMari HARAMOTO (Jul~)
Graduate StudentKenichi NAGANO
Hiroyuki NAKACHI (Maxillofacial Surgery)
Toshimi SATO
Naoki HAYASHI (Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities)
Kengo FUJIKI (Removable Prosthodontics)
Md. Adbulla Al Masud KHAN

2. Purpose of Education

Pharmacology is situated between the basic and clinical sciences and is important for dental students. There is a growing demand on the dental clinicians to know huge knowledge of drugs and how to use them for patients. For these purpose, the first lecture is aimed to teach the scientific aspects of pharmacology and how drugs act on the various body system. The second lecture deals with drugs of medical and dental fields and the last with drugs of special importance of dentistry. Dental students learn the principle of pharmacology through laboratory practice. Following these learning, they must acquire an adequate background for drug use in general practice.

3. Research Subjects

1)Pharmacological analysis of the formation and resorption mechanisms of teeth and bone
2)Drug effects on the differentiation of the cells that participate formation and resorption process of the hard tissues
3)Identification of the new drug targets for hard tissue diseases
4)Translational research for the hard tissue regeneration
5)Analysis of side effects of the drug that appear in oral tissues

4. Publications

Original Article

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