Points to the via the Internet ( credit card payment )

Points to the via the Internet ( credit card payment )

Please make sure to read the following before you make a donation.

Usable credit cards

The following credit cards can be used for payment of donations.

Points to note when applying for donation

1. Application confirmation mail
Once the application procedure has been completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address. Registration and payment of your donation will be completed upon receipt of this e-mail.

2. We may not be able to accept your payment depending on the kind of credit card.

3. Only the holder of the credit card can use the credit card for making payments.

4. Only one-time payments are accepted.

5. Refunds and changes are not allowed as a basic rule.

6. The donated amount will be transferred from the specified bank account just like any other payments made with credit cards. Please check the date of transfer on the usage details sent from your credit card company. “東京医科歯科大学基金(Tokyo Medical and Dental University Fund)” is indicated on the usage details.

7. We may contact you via the credit card company if the money cannot be transferred for some reason.

8. You may not be able to receive gift points depending on the kind of credit card you use. For details, please contact your credit card company.

9. Credit card payment can only be accepted for individual donations.

Issuance of receipts

1. Issuance of receipts
It will usually take 2 to 3 months to issue a receipt because issuance will take place after the amount has been received by TMDU following processing by the credit card company and financial institution. Please be aware in advance.

2. Date of issuance of receipts
The date of issuance of receipts will be the date TMDU receives the amount from the credit card company, and not the date the application or payment was made. If application is made near the end of the year (November or later), then the date of receipt issuance may be in the following year. Please note that, in such a case, tax benefits will be applied for the following year as well.

Handling of personal information

1. All personal information obtained in the process of receiving a donation will only be used for donation related work.
Please note in advance that all or part of donors’ personal information may be disclosed to a third party service provider in order to perform donation related work. Such personal information, however, will only be used for purposes clearly specified by TMDU based on a contract with a confidentiality clause and will not be used for any other purposes other than the specified usage. The disclosed party is required to strictly manage confidentiality.

2. This website uses SSL server certificate to protect personal information. Your application information will be encrypted by SSL (128 bit) before being sent.

Recommended browsers, CSS, JavaScript

We strongly recommend users to use the latest version of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome so that your personal information will be handled safely.