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Conflicts of Interest

This section introduces informational materials to guide proper conduct in relation to Conflict of Interest Management within Industry-Academia Collaboration activities.

It can be supposed that the more actively industry-academia collaboration activities are implemented, the higher the chance that conflicts of interest will occur. As an institution of higher learning, it is essential that we establish a regulatory system for handling conflict of interest issues in order to promote industry-academia collaboration without losing the trust of general society.

This section will clarify the specific procedures related to conflict of interest management. It will also provide content to help establish a basic understanding of conflict of interest issues.

Conflicts of Interest

Various School Regulations, Etc. Regarding Conflict of Interest Management

Summary of Implementation regarding Self-examination Forms

Summary of Conflict of Interest Management

Consultations with Conflict of Interest Advisor

Q&A Conflict of Interest Q&A’s

List of Institutional Announcements regarding Implementation of ‘Conflict of Interest Management’

Informational Meetings and Seminars regarding Conflicts of Interest

Other Information regarding Conflicts of Interest

Extra-institutional Announcements

For Inquiries regarding Conflict of Interest Management within Industry-Academia Collaborative Activities

General Affairs Section, Industry-Academia Collaboration Office, Clerical Department of Research/Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Organization

TEL:03-5803-4823 /4012/4013

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