Department of Medical Biochemistry

Yutaka Hata organizes the courses of medical biochemistry, molecular cellular biology, and human molecular genetics for medical students. His group is studying on the tumor suppressor signaling, which plays versatile roles in not only cancer but also other human diseases.

This site will provide information about the ongoing research in the laboratory, a list of recent publications, a list of present lab personnel, and contact information.

To learn more about our laboratory, please feel free to contact Dr. Yutaka Hata directly by addressing an email to yuhammch ad mark tmd. ac. jp.

We have studied the transcriptional coactivators, YAP1 and TAZ (also called WWTR1), which are regulated by the tumor suppressive Hippo pathway, and RASSF proteins, which are closely related to the Hippo pathway. For the details, please refer to the attached references.
We have also started to develop the model mice for the study of ageing. We plan to use these mice to clarify the moleculer mechanism underlying ageing-assoicated muscle atrophy (sarcopenia).

RASSF Symposium

The Hippo Workshop

The lecture by Prof. Thomas C. Südhof