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Undergraduate Programs

To learn about programs, please visit Faculty's homepage.

“Special Selection Entrance Examination for Privately-financed International Students” 私費外国人留学生特別入試 offers the opportunity to international students in each faculty of university. Each major of School of Medicine, School of Health Care Sciences =Faculty of Medicine=, and School of Dentistry, School of Oral Health Sciences =Faculty of Dentistry=, will recruit a few students.

Applicants must not hold Japanese nationalities (excluding those who hold Permanent Resident VISA).
Applicants must take EJU (Examination for Japanese University) conducted by Japan Student Services Organization (*1) and need to be qualified with (*2) the subjects which TMDU has designated for application.

The selection method follows these 3 examination results and comes up with the final decision of successful applicants. National Center Test for University Admission is not required.
1. First Examination (EJU)
2. Second Examination (Academic Achievement Test)
3. Third Examination (Interview)

(*1) EJU provides testing session twice a year. Applicants require taking one of them from 4 sessions including the previous year. Please find the designated exam date which you must take and other information in Application Guideline for Privately-financed International Students (私費留学生特別入試学生募集要項)
(*2) Applicants must see the Application Qualifications (出願資格) in Application Guideline for Privately-financed International Students (私費留学生特別入試学生募集要項).

Faculty and School, CourseAcademic Year (Duration)Student to be Admitted
Faculty of MedicineSchool of Medicine6-yearsa few
School of Health Care SciencesNursing Science4-yearsa few
Medicine Technology4-yearsa few
Faculty of DentistrySchool of Dentistry6-yearsa few
School of Oral Health Care SciencesOral Health Care Sciences4-yearsa few
Oral Health Care Engineering4-yearsa few
(*) Students cannot transfer to other Schools, neither other Courses in same School.