The contents of endodontic education

Basics of endodontic therapy is considered as a surgical procedure, it is required that definite sterilized treatment. Because of narrow and complex space of root canal, its treatment is difficult, to observe directly and to operate clinical instrument in the root canal. So, it is important to keep cleaning and shaping in the root canal. In addition, knowledge about the control of toothache and mechanism of toothache is essential in endodontic therapy.

①Learning the endodontic examination, diagnosis and treatment, understanding the total knowledge of endodontics

②Understanding the role of bacteria in periapical tissue and dental pulp disease

③Practice about pulp protection and conservative treatment of pulp

④Training the sterilized method of treatment in endodontics, such as protection by rubber dam

⑤Mastering the latest removal treatment of pulp and infected root canal treatment

⑥Practice about chemical irrigation, intracanal medicaments and mechanical perepartion of the root canal for sterilization treatment

⑦Learning the purpose and appropriate timing of root canal filling and mastering the latest root canal filling

⑧Training surgical endodontic treatment and adaptation

⑨Understanding the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment about tooth root fracture, root resorption, traumatic tooth injuries

⑩Matering the pervention and management of endodontic accidents