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Medical*Online (on campus only)

Metio which provided Medical Online warned that a user of TMDU had downloaded a lot of articles.
Large batch downloads in excess of the scope of personal use are prohibited.
Violations will result in service suspension for the entire university.

Offers full text academic literature released by academic societies and publishing companies in Japan (866 journals as of August 2011).
Through a contract with publishing companies, articles that cannot be distributed as a PDF are offered via FAX.
Depending on author consent, some articles may not be available or may only be available as an abstract.
Articles from the latest edition of a journal may only appear after a period of time established by the publishing company has elapsed.

How to View
Accessing from the electronic journal page on the library website
-Search by magazine title. Selecting Medical*Online as the provider will lead to a list of available archives.
Accessing from the Medical*Online website
-From the top screen, users can cross search by article, medicine, and more.
-After clicking on "Articles" in the top menu to see journal articles, click on "Keyword Search," "Search by Title" or another criteria as necessary.
Accessing from Ichushi Web search results
-Articles in Ichushi Web search results with either of the icons shown below displayed with them can be viewed through Medical*Online.
Click on the icon in the search results to be taken to the fax service application screen or PDF
download screen for the respective article.

About Medical*Online’s Fax Service (details)
-Enter the fax number of your laboratory or home (*no special fees will be incurred).
Carefully read the instructions on the application screen before making use of Medical*Online's fax service.
-Please be aware that due to the nature of fax transmissions, the quality of photographs in articles may degrade.
-Persons who wish to use the Main Library's fax machine should apply with the appropriate
form at the 3rd floor counter.
Application is limited to those TMDU staff and students.
No applications will be accepted except for those made using the appropriate form.
Important Information
-Large batch downloads in excess of the scope of personal use are prohibited.
-Violations will result in service suspension for the entire university.

Examples of Previous Large Downloads (On Campus)

January 29, 201112:10:58-14:30:41Incurable diseases and home care239 files
April 13, 2010Dental industry outlook176 files

Downloads that exceed the scope of personal use are prohibited.
Limit downloads to what can be used within a given cycle of research or study.