What is the most representative research in TMDU?

How long is the course?

Master's programs take 2 years, and Doctoral programs take 3 or 4 years. The details differ for each course. For more information, please see this web page: Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Guidebook

Entrance Examination

Do I need to take an entrance examination?

The necessity for taking a formal examination depends on the mode of application (by scholarship or not, recommended by university or not). Please see the flowchart in the TMDU website for more details.


Are there any scholarships available? If so, how would I apply for them?

Yes, the Monbusho (Monbu-kagakusho) Scholarship, from the Japanese government, can be applied for through the Japanese Embassy in your respective country, or through university recommendation. Also, some scholarships that can be applied for once you are admitted into the program (e.g.,: “TMDU Self-Financing International Student Special Research Grant” or “Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students”). You can apply for some private scholarships before coming to Japan. Please see the appropriate web page below for more details:
-Scholarships (in TMDU Website)
-Scholarships for International Students in Japan (in JASSO Website)


How much do I need to pay for tuition?

The tuition depends on your course of study in Japan. Please check the website below for more details: Tuition and Other Fees (in International Exchange Center, TMDU Website).


Do I have to know how to speak Japanese before I can apply?

No, it is not necessary to be fluent in Japanese before applying. To help you with your daily life and studies in Japan, the TMDU International Exchange Center provides free language courses. In addition, it should be noted that some scholarships require recipients to take Japanese courses during the application / admission process.
-http://www.tmd.ac.jp/english/international/center/language/index.html (in TMDU International Exchange Center Website)

Are all the courses conducted in Japanese?

The number of departmental courses held in English depends on your major.


How can I find an accommodation? Do you have a dorm for international students?

TMDU has a dormitory for international students. Also, independent institutions provide dormitories for overseas students, or help them find housing. Please see the pages below for more details:
-Housing for Internatilnal Students (in TMDU Website)
-Housing (in Internatilonal Exchange Center, TMDU Website)


Can I practice after I graduate, or am I limited to doing research?

If you can pass the Japanese Dental license exam, then you can practice dentistry in Japan. Also, when supervised, you can treat patients. However, you should confirm specific matters with the department that you would like to apply.

Are there any post-doc positions open at TMDU?

It depends. If there is a vacancy or a special project, a post-doc position may open up. The relevant department professor will be able to advise you.