Support for text-to-speech (TTS) browsers

Support for text-to-speech (TTS) browsers

Tokyo Medical and Dental University’s website is designed to be accessible, and we confirm that it can be read by text-to-speech browsers.

Support for TTS browsers

Via the TTS function, a user can have a voice synthesizer read the text at a location specified by keyboard operations.
Therefore, the content can be viewed by people with poor vision or who are visually impaired.

Policy on supporting TTS software

When creating tables for the layout, we will consider the order in which the text will be read by the TTS software.
We will not use machine-dependent characters that are not appropriate for TTS software.
We will add text to images in the data so to explain the content of the images, and take care so this text can be read by the TTS software.
(Note) The website is produced according to the above policy, but there may be some cases in which, due to the layout, the order in which the tables are read is incorrect, or in which text cannot be properly read by some TTS software.