Oral Biomaterials Development Engineering

Oral Biomaterials Development Engineering is former Oral Biomaterials Engineering due to reformation of Course for Oral Health Engineering in order to belong the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
We are taking care of education regarding oral material sciences and prosthetic procedure for students of oral health care sciences, and evaluate and create new dental materials and devices.

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Dental material science is not only one of basic medical and dental science but also one of clinical dental science. In our department, we will educate students to obtain practical knowledge of the dental materials and devices used in dentistry and to improve skill how to deal with these materials and devices. Our goals of education are to achieve high quality of dental practice with well-understanding dental material and devices.
The aim for education is to obtain the basic knowledge of dental material science and technology. The lecture is simultaneously provided with the laboratory instructions within the limit of the possible.

Following items are our research subjects:

1. Evaluation of various factors on mechanical properties of teeth substance.
2. Evaluation of fatigue properties of dentin and dental materials using miniature testing pieces
3. Measurement of characteristics of dental ceramic materials and establishment of new testing methods for dental ceramics
4. Measurement of precise deformation using non-contact methods
5. Development of new composite resin with similar machinability of dentin
6. Study on dental root fracture mechanism
7. Applicayion of various types of fiberglass for dentistry
8. Evaluation of composite resin mechanical properties and improvement their bonding efficiency to various materials.
9. Evaluation of impact force absorption of mouthguard and face protect materials

Our laboratoies are located the 2nd floor of the 2nd Building.

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