Public relations magazine「TMDU ANNUAL NEWS」

The TMDU Annual News is published once a year in English to bring you the update on the recent progress and future plans of the activities in Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU).


President’s Address Takashi Ohyama, DDS, PhD

TMDU's Core Mission Sei Sasaki, MD, PhD

International Activities

Collaboration with Noguchi Institute, Ghana
Nobuo Ohta, MD, PhD, Koichi Ishikawa, DVM, PhD
Latin American Collaborative Research Center, Santiago, Chile
Yoshinobu Eishi, MD, PhD
Dr. Francisco Lopes, Chilean Project Leader
“CU-TMDU Research and Education Collaboration Center” in Thailand
Yoko Kawaguchi, DDS, PhD

TMDU International Exchange Center

Ikuko Morio, DDS, PhD

International Summer Program 2009

Ikuko Morio, DDS, PhD

Letters from Overseas

Prof Bazar Amarsaikhan,
Health Sciences University of Mongolia
Prof Jorge Zeredo
University of Brazilia, Brazil
Nalinie Joharatnam,
Imperial College London

Report on Study Abroad Program


Akinori Kimura, MD, PhD Takuro Arimura, DVM, PhD
Emi Nishimura, MD, PhD

Rescue Mission in Smatra province

Tomohisa Shoko, MD, PhD

TMDU On-Campus Nursery

Hisashi Taniguchi, DDS, PhD
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