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Oral Prosthetic Engineering

Oral Prosthetic Engineering is one of the dental sciences which propose to restore and maintain oral function, form and health for partially and/or complete edentulous patients. Main object of Oral Prosthetic Engineering is to provide students to obtain the basic knowledge and technical skill of complete denture prosthodontics, removable partial denture prosthodontics and dental occlusion.


Professor : (under selection)
Senior Assistant Professor : Masaomi IKEDA
Assistant Professor : Maho SHIOZAWA

Research Subjects

1. Standardization of education for dental technicians
2. Optimal occlusion for removable dentures
3. Evaluation of various denture materials
4. Evaluation of oral function in elderly
5. Influence of masticatory function on brain activity
6. Application of antibacterial materials to dental materials
7. Evaluation of adhesive systems
8. Traceability and quality control of restorative materials