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Message from the Director

Health Administration Center Director

Welcome to the website of TMDU Health Administration Center!

The TMDU Health Administration Center was founded in 1970 as a healthcare clinic for students at Ochanomizu Campus. The center invited a psychiatric specialist as a tenured faculty member in 1979 and moved to the newly constructed Building 5 in 1980. The Occupational Healthcare Mission was assigned to the center under the National University Corporation Act in 2004. Since then, the center has been in charge of managing school healthcare for students as well as providing occupational healthcare for faculty, and administrative, and hospital staff members, while also running a daily healthcare counseling program.

As of August 1, 2019, I was appointed as the head of the center that took care of me as a medical student more than three decades ago. It is of great honor to be able to serve at my alma mater after gaining more than a quarter century of experiences in various specialties including respiratory medicine, development of novel therapies for rare lung diseases, and medical genetics service.

Thanks to the dedication of the previous faculty and staff members, the center is fully equipped with small yet efficient working units and systems for both physical and mental healthcare.
Fellow TMDU members, please feel free to visit the center, discuss your healthcare concerns with our staffs to improve your quality of life, and support our activities in further developing a healthcare system for medical and welfare professionals.