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Vector Info

Useful vectors we reported in Nature Methods (2006) and in Nature Protocols (2010)!


Modified from Nature Protocols, 2010.

Here is a list of vectors we mentioned in our recent publications.

These vectors are designed to utlize Gateway system (invitrogen). For general information about the Gateway system, please visit the provider's website.

Detailed description and protocols for constructing fluorescent protein expression vectors are available in our article in Nature Protocols.

For more information, please contact KUROYANAGI Hidehito, PhD.


Kuroyanagi H, Kobayashi T, Mitani S, Hagiwara M.
Transgenic alternative-splicing reporters reveal tissue-specific expression profiles and regulation mechanisms in vivo.
Nature Methods. 3: 909-915, 2006.

Kuroyanagi H, Ohno G, Sakane H, Maruoka H, Hagiwara M.
Visualization and genetic analysis of alternative splicing regulation in vivo using fluorescence reporters in transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans.
Nature Protocols. 5: 1495-1517, 2010.


The vectors listed above are constructed by modifying materials derived from researchers and/or providers listed here.

Andrew Fire (Stanford Univ)
Atsushi Miyawaki (RIKEN)
Masaaki Muramatsu (TMDU)
Roger Y. Tsien (UC, San Diego)

Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC)


pDEST vectors provide a promoter and a 3' cassette for constructing a variety of Gateway Expression vectors.

pENTR vectors provide a fluorescent protein cassette for constructing a variety of Gateway Expression vectors.