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Dental Hospital

Philosophy and Will of Dental Hospital

image1, 2Philosophy

Our Hospital will try for encourage of superior medical care persons and offer the dental care of the highest standard matched with each


  1. We practice safe and high quality dental care.
  2. We bring up a dental care person to be full of human nature.
  3. We promote the development of new dental treatment.
  4. We contribute to society through the promotion of oral health.
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I) Clinic for Dent-facial Growth and Development
Orthodontics Orthodontics is to develop the skills for the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions of the teeth and jaws.
Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry is concerned with the provision of the oral and dental needs of children and adolescents.
II) Clinic for Conservation of Oral and Maxillofacial Function
Operative Dentistry
and Endodontics
Operative Dentistry and Endodontics provides restoration of teeth with fillings for dental cavities, trauma and tooth wear, and root canal treatments.
Periodontics Periodontics is concerned with the treatment of gum and tooth supported tissue, and the regeneration of periodontal tissue.
Orofacial Pain Clinic Orofacial Pain Clinic is concerned with the pain, paresthesia, sensation loss and motor palsy in maxillofacial area.
Head and Neck Psychosomatic
Head and Neck Psychosomatic Medicine cares for physically tested healthy patients who still have some problems in their maxillofacial area by using the link between mind and
Temporomandibular Joint Clinic Temporomandibular Joint Clinic offers the cutting edge treatment for temporomandibular disorders, sleep bruxism and occlusal discomfort by utilizing multidimensional diagnostic protocol.
III) Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
Oral Surgery Oral Surgery provides the surgical treatment of diseases arising in tooth and periodontal tissue, temporomandibular joint, nerve, salivary gland, oral mucosa, and the traumatic injury in the oral and maxillofacial region. We also provide the diagnosis and treatment of oral lesion related to the systemic diseases.
Maxillofacial Surgery Maxillofacial Surgery is concerned with diagnosis and surgical treatment for cleft lip and palates (congenital disease), tumor, jaw deformity and fracture.
Prosthodontics Prosthodontics provides crowns, fixed or removable partial dentures and complete dentures to solve esthetic and functional problems.
Maxillofacial Prosthetics Maxillofacial Prosthetics restores orofacial functions such as mastication, deglutition, speech and esthetics for the patients with maxillofacial defects.
Sports Dentistry Sports Dentistry provides the dental treatments for athletes and also fabricates face guards and mouthguards.
Speech Clinic Speech Clinic provides the training for articulation disorders arising from a cleft palate, nasopharygeal damege or glossectomy.
Gerodontics Gerodontics is concerned with the general dental treatments for elderly patients over 70 years old.
Dysphagia Rehabilitation Dysphagia rehablitation helps the patients with swallowing disorders.
Videofluorography and Videoendoscopy are provided to look at the swallowing function also.
Dental Implant Clinic We install dental implant in the jaw bone and recover oral functions with implant-supported prosthesis.
IV) Clinic for General Dentistry
Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry is concerned with the diagnosis for new patients.
Dental Sleep Clinic Dental treatment for patients with sleep apnea syndrome.
Ambulatory Anesthesia Service The Ambulatory Anesthesia Service supports comprehensive dental care under conscious sedation and general anaesthesia for patients with systemic disease, mental retardation, cerebral palsy and phobias etc.
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic provides a full spectrum of imaging examinations and diagnosis including CT and MRI. Interventional radiography for sialolithiasis is also performed.
Clinic for Persons with Disabilities Clinic for Persons with Disabilities provides comprehensive dental care under monitoring, conscious sedation and general anesthesia and oral care using e-BrushII.
Fresh Breath Clinic The fresh breath clinic is concerned with the examination, diagnosis, treatment and counseling of patients with bad breath (Halitosis).
Cleanroom Cleanroom provides comprehensive dental care to infected patients in a highly sterile environment.
Oral Health Care Oral Health Care Clinic specializes in high quality oral cleaning programs in collaboration with dental hygienists.
Dental Allergy Dental Allergy Clinic examines allergens in oral restorations, and provides treatment for removing the problem substances.
V) Central Clinical Facilities

Clinical Laboratory
Dental Laboratory
Cleanroom or Unit for Infection Control
Division of Surgical Operation
Center for Advanced Clinical Education
Center for Development of Instruments and Drugs
Center for Clinical Cooperation
Center for Dental Information
Dental Ward
Section of Central Supplies
Section of Dental Hygienist