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TMDU advantagesTMDUの魅力

TMDU advantages(TMDUの魅力) TMDU advantages(TMDUの魅力) TMDU advantages(TMDUの魅力)

About TMDU

Tokyo Medical and Dental University was established as a national medical and dental educational institution on October 12, 1928, and currently located in the Yushima/Shoheizaka area of Tokyo, which is considered sacred ground for scholarship and learning in Japan. Since then, as Japan's only comprehensive medical university and graduate school, TMDU has provided advanced medical treatment through a fusion of the medical and dental fields and worked to cultivate “professionals with knowledge and humanity”, thereby contributing to human health and the well-being of society. The “knowledge” referenced here includes learning, technology, and self-identity, while “humanity” means culture, sensitivity, and communication ability that accepts diversity. We believe that the fusion of these elements paves the way to becoming a true “professional”.

TMDU comprises the Faculty of Medicine, consisting of the School of Medicine and School of Health Care Sciences; the Faculty of Dentistry, consisting of the School of Dentistry and School of Oral Health Care Sciences; the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences; the Graduate School of Health Care Sciences; the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering; and the Medical Research Institute. TMDU aims to make wide-ranging contributions to society by training physicians, dentists, nurses, clinical laboratory technicians, dental hygienists, and dental technicians, who combine a desire to heal and a scientific outlook; working to nurture outstanding medical practitioners and researchers and building research and academic systems in the medical and life science fields.



  • Akio Suzuki Memorial Hall (M&D Tower 2F)
  • 鈴木章夫記念講堂(MDタワー2階)

Akio Suzuki Memorial Hall (M&D Tower 2F)

Completed in 2009 (Heisei 21).
The entrance to the Hall (left photo) and the inside of the Hall (right photo).
The busts at the entrance to the Hall are Toru Shimamine (right) and Masaru Nagao (left), who built the foundation for TMDU.
The biane on the door is by calligrapher Yujin Nakagawa.

  • TMDU is located in the center of Tokyo, with a view of TOKYO SKYTREE on the north side
  • Imperial Palace and National Diet Building and Mt. Fuji on a clear day on the south side

TMDU is located in the center of Tokyo, with a view of TOKYO SKYTREE on the north side,
Imperial Palace and National Diet Building and Mt. Fuji on a clear day on the south side.

World University Rankings世界大学ランキング

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 For dentistry, Tokyo Medical and Dental University is in the Top 3 in the World and No.1 in Japan

QS World University Rankings are published annually by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British company specialized in education and study abroad. These rankings highlight the world’s top universities in 51 individual subjects, based on a major global survey on academic reputation, employer reputation, research impact etc. The last dental ranking list was announced on March 22, 2023. Tokyo Medical and Dental University ranks third in the world and is first in Japan.



World University Rankings 世界大学ランキング

University facilities

Campus with a comfortable educational space to lead a meaningful school life


  • Library図書館

    Library is located in the 3rd and 4th floor of the M&D tower, and there are about 170,000 books. The books include some rare book such as the first edition of “ Kaitai Shinsho” written by Genpaku Sugita, Ontleedkundige Tafelen and De humani corporis fabrica.


  • Health Administration Center保健管理センター

    The Health Administration Center is aimed at supporting students to maintain and improve their mental and physical health. The center is located on the second floor of Building 5 on the Yushima Campus, but there is also a branch on the first floor of the Champ de Causerie on Kounodai Campus, assuring students to lead healthy lives on campus.

    本学の教職員・学生に対する心身の健康の保持・増進を支援することを目的に運営されています。湯島地区は5号館2階に、国府台地区はシャン・ドゥ・コーズリー1階にあります。 心身について気になる事があれば、お気軽にご相談ください。

  • Support Center for Students and Female Staff学生・女性支援センター

    The Student Support Office and Office for Students with Special Needs offer support and consultation services covering all aspects of student life, including support for students dealing with campus life, school work, career placement, mental health issues, harassment, or identity as sexual minorities, as well as consultation on reasonable accommodation for students with special needs. The Office for Gender Equality and Work-life Balance and Office for Child Care Support assist students, faculty and staff in establishing a career path and maintaining a work-life balance between schoolwork or work and family obligations, as well as supporting the research work of female researchers (including graduate students)


  • Chito iyashi no niwa知と癒しの庭

    知と癒しの庭 (Chito iyashi no niwa) in Japanese, is on the rooftop of multistory parking space for people who visit the hospital or campus.



Yushima Campus湯島キャンパス

  • Building 3 3号館

    Building 3


  • Medical Building A/B 医科A棟・B棟

    Medical Building A/B


  • Dental Building North 歯科棟北

    Dental Building North


  • Building 5 5号館

    Building 5


  • M&D Tower M&Dタワー

    M&D Tower


  • Building 2 2号館

    Building 2


  • Building 1 West 1号館西

    Building 1 West


  • Building 7 7号館

    Building 7


  • Building 10 10号館

    Building 10


Surugadai Campus駿河台キャンパス

  • Building 21 21号館

    Building 21


  • Building 22 22号館

    Building 22


Location and Surroundings


TMDU is headquartered in the center of Tokyo, amid many sites of historic interest. The main campus, Yushima Campus, and the satellite campus, Surugadai Campus, contain our research buildings and hospitals. At these campuses, highly specialized education in clinical and basic research contexts is offered so as to foster health care professionals with advanced knowledge and skills.


  • ニコライ堂
  • 湯島聖堂
    Yushima Seido
  • JR御茶ノ水駅
    JR Line Ochanomizu Sta.
  • 神田川
    Kanda river
  • 神田古本屋街
    Kanda Book town
  • 通り沿いには楽器店がずらり
    Musical instrument store
  • 神田明神
    Kanda Myojin shrine
  • 御茶ノ水の街並み
    Cityscape at Ochanomizu

Introduction of Ochanomizu御茶ノ水ってどんなところ??

  • It is safe place to visit because there are some police office.


  • There are several university hospital and general hospital.


  • There are many bookstores, sport shops and musical instruments stores.


  • Great access to metro and JR lines.


  • It is lively place since there are some universities.



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