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About admissions

  • Should I pay the entrance examination fee, entrance fee, and tuition fee to both universities?


    For JDP with Chulalongkorn University, and JDP with Mahidol University, you are required to pay only to the university where you are going to apply for admission.
    JDP with University of Chile is waived all charges except the registration fee at University of Chile.


  • Can I apply concurrently with the doctoral program in the other department of Medicine and Dentistry at Tokyo Medical and Dental University?


    If it means that an applicant would like to take Medical and Dental Sciences Track, Doctoral Program in TMDU first and use the examination result to Joint Degree Program (JDP), there is no system like that.
    It is same as examination fee.

    If an applicant would like to apply for both JDP and Medical and Dental Sciences Track, please be sure to consult with the professor of the department you would like to apply and contact to JD & MPH unit also since it may cause trouble to the department you applied for if you passed both examinations.

    Please note that the entrance exam fee and the admission fee and tuition fee once paid are non-refundable.



About program

  • If the research location is changed, such as by staying at a partner university, how will the research advisor provide guidance?


    Of course, it is also possible to continue provide the guidance at TV conferences and the other function.
    In addition, the course also has supervisors and research supervisors (including assistant) from both universities.
    Your research location is changed so that it is possible to receive more guidance than ever before.


  • How long will you stay at the partner university?


    In case of JDP with Chulalongkron University, it will be only a year in TMDU, and the other 4 years will be at Chulalongkorn University.

    In case of JDP with University of Chile is determined by your research theme.

    In case of JDP with Mahidol University, it will be half a year or two years as an option. It is determined by your research theme.