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The Career and Life Counseling Office

The Career and Life Counseling Service offers a wide variety of services to faculties, employees and students of TMDU including individual counseling, group counseling, academic support, referral counseling and career seminars.

Counseling Service

  • Counseling on how to coordinate research/work with household tasks, child rearing and care-giving
  • Counseling on concerns over continuing research or career
  • Counseling on future career paths
  • Counseling on concerns about academic positions and job opportunities
  • Counseling on future life patterns and values
  • Counseling on personal relationships on campus
  • Counseling when you just need someone to talk to


Faculties, medical staff, administrative staff, undergraduate students and graduate students of TMDU (both males and females)

Making an Appointment

As a general rule, we provide services by appointment only. Please contact us with your preferred date and time and we will contact you to confirm your session.

After copying information below, press "Make an appointment". When "mail set-up message" comes out on the screen, paste the information below.

* Name

* Affiliation

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* Preferred time and day
As a general rule, opening hours of career counseling is from 9:30 to 17:00. If you wish counseling after 17:00, please let us know.
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* Please tell us what you would like to discuss with us:


You may drop by without an appointment and we will provide counseling if available. * We strictly observe the privacy of what is discussed during your sessions.


Nobuhide Hirai, associate professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Counseling Office

Building No.5, 3F, Yushima Area, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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