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Research Theme

  1. Research and Development of Advanced Artificial Heart System and Its Elements
    This research aims at research and development of short term extracorporeal circulatory support device and implantable long term system that are applicable from pediatric to adult patients. The research focuses on the magnetic levitated mechanical non-contact centrifugal blood pump that can offer features of long term durability, compactness as well as easy surgical operation even for smaller children. In order to attain the research goal, specific goals of research include CAD/CAM design and manufacturing, short-term to long-term in vivo evaluation of the magnetic levitated centrifugal blood pumps in comparison to the conventional pulsatile artificial heart system.
  2. Cell Biomechancics, Hemolysis and Thrombosis Related Research
    By analyzing the deformability and lysis, aggregation and thrombosis mechanism of blood cell elements including erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes from biomechanical and biochemical analysis, the research targets to advance the understanding and knowledge concerning user-friendly biocompatible materials, control method and design features of the blood pumps.
  3. Research and Development of Noninvasive BioMedical Measurement Systems
    Reliable and accurate sensors and instrumentation systems are imperative for effective and long term performance of the artificial organs. The optical system allows rapid and accurate measurements without giving hazardous consequences to biological system. The research aims at early diagnosis of atheroscrelotic legions, its prmapion and NO generation mechanism of the vascular endothelial cells through noninvasive optical measurement of the subcutaneous vessel dynamics. The application of the optical technique for noninvasive and quantitative diagnosis of the pulpal blood flow is also investigated.
  4. Research and Development of the Optimum Circulatory Control, Simulation of Circulatory Dynamics, and Next Generation Circulatory Support Devices
    In order to research and develop a user friendly diagnostic and therapeutic methods with pulsatile and/or continuous flow assist devices, the research focuses on the computer simulation of the circulatory dynamics from molecular to cellular to system’s level and design of a physiological mechanical simulator. As a next generation therapeutic options, strategy for optimum combination of mechanical circulatory support devices, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and pharmaceutical regimens will be thoroughly investigated.


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