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K. Takakuda Prof
S. Ito Assist Prof
H. Doi Assist Prof
M. Osaki Assist Prof
W. Wang Assist Prof

Research Theme

  1. Remodeling of structural and supporting tissues under mechanical stimuli
    Biomechanical studies on structural/supporting tissues such as bones, ligaments and tendons are carried out. In particular, to elucidate the adaptation mechanism of these tissues, the effects of controlled mechanical stimuli applied to living cells and tissues are investigated.
  2. Development of Bone Regeneration Device with Bioabsorbable Organic/Inorganic Composite Materials
    Devices for bone regeneration with the use of bioabsorbable Organic/Inorganic Composite materials are developing. In vitro and animal experiments are carrying out for pre-clinical experiments. Furthermore, bone regeneration mechanism when implanting Organic/Inorganic composite materials is examined by in vitro and in vivo tests.
  3. Development of Regeneration Devices for Soft Tissues with the use of bioabsorbable materials
    Regeneration technology for structural/supporting tissues such as ligaments, tendons, dura mater, peripheral nerves and small blood vessels are investigated utilizing bioabsorbable polymers. Our strategy is based on the regeneration by the self-healing mechanism achieved through the optimum milieu provided by biomaterials. We already have promising results in the animal experiments for the cases of dura mater and peripheral nerves.
  4. Development of Soft and Flexible Resin Base Dentures for Elderly Persons
    We are developing innovative soft and flexible resin base dentures those are able to moderate the stimulation to mucous membranes and give the patients to get the moderate masticatory force for elderly persons. As the soft and flexible materials for the denture base, we have developed copolymer of 2-ethylhexyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate that shows relatively hard properties or very soft properties depending on the amount of the contents. By utilizing these new materials, we are now designing new soft and flexible resin base dentures with gradient functions.


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