1Apr, 2024
Futaba Imahayashi-san and Momoka Uehara-san, TMDU Med School students, have joined our team!
21Mar, 2024
Nishimura-san, Shiraki-san, and Nagat-san have graduated from Kitasato U! Congrats!
We had a farewell party for Yu Shiraki-san. She did good jobs on a novel lipid scramblase, and will join @Dr. Takuya Matsuo Lab in Kitasato U.
Good luck!


5-6 Oct, 2023
We had the 18th International Symposium of the Institute Network for Biomedical Sciences @MRI TMDU.
We had Dr. Shigekazu Nagata from Osaka U, Dr. Yasunori Saheki from Nanyang Tech U in Singapore, and Dr. Nick Barker from A*STAR in Singapore as keynote speakers.
The 18th International Symposium
1 Oct, 2023
Ayodya de Alwis from Sri Lanka has joined our team as a MEXT scholarship grad school student.
Welcome, Ayodya-san!
3 Aug, 2023
We had the 1st MedChem seminar @TMDU.
The guest speaker was Dr. Feng Shao from Beijing.
Title: Activation of antitumor immunity by bacteria-derived signals: Pyroptosis and Beyond
The seminar was actually fantastic! And, your advice encouraged us very much! Thanks, Feng!
15 Jul, 2023
We joined the 31st Japan Cell Death Meeting @Juntendo U and TMDU.
31st Cell Death Meeting
Great talks from many colleagues in Japan, and the keynote lectures was given by Dr. Feng Shao who identified intracellular LPS receptors and Gasdermins.
It was actually amazing! Thanks Dr. Feng!
Dr. Feng Shao
13 Jul, 2023
We had a seminar by Dr. Masahiro Nagata from University of Cologne in Germany.
He has worked and focused on pore-forming proteins in caspase-8 mediated cell death and inflammation in Dr. Manolis Pasparakis Lab. Thanks!
Dr. Manolis Pasparakis Lab
1 Apr, 2023
New team members from Kitasato U have joined our team. Yu Siraki, Megumi Nishimura, and Aya Nagata. Welcome!
6 Jan, 2023
Our recent work has been featured in KAKEN topics.
KAKEN Topics


16 Dec, 2022
Moe Nishimoto has joined our team!
31 Oct, 2022
A protocol to analyze membrane-lipid asymmetry and flippase activity is accepted for publication in STAR Protocols. Congrats, Yugo.
宮田助教の論文がSTAR Protocolsに受理されました。細胞膜外層の膜脂質とflippase activityの検出法のstep-by-step protocolです。
17 Oct, 2022
Our story of flippases and scramblases with Dr. S. Nagata and Dr. J. Suzuki has been described in the most popular text book, “the CELL” 7th edition.
1 Oct, 2022
Chikako Sawada and Xu Xing have joined our team!
秘書の澤田さんと研究生のXu Jingさんがラボのメンバーになりました! よろしくお願い致します。
22 Sep, 2022
A paper by Yugo is accepted for publication in J Biol Chem. Congrats! Yugo.  
Two types of type IV P-type ATPases independently re-establish the asymmetrical distribution of phosphatidylserine in plasma membranes 
宮田助教の論文がJ Biol Chemに受理されました。 ~ホスファチジルセリンの非対称分布の維持に二つのタイプのフリッパーゼが独立して関与する〜 
20 Sep, 2022
Our proposal has been accepted by AMED-PRIME (Proteostasis)
AMED-PRIME (Proteostasis)に採択されました 
5 Aug, 2022
Our new team member, SULTAN Cheryl Sophia, has been acceped for JSPS PD research fellow. Congrats! Cheryl! 
23 Jun, 2022
学術領域変革研究(A) 生体防御における自己認識の「功」と「罪」の計画研究が採択されました 
1 Apr, 2022
24 Mar, 2022
大阪大学 長田重一教授との共著論文がProc Natl Acad Sci USAに受理されました  落合さん、おめでとうございます!
10 Mar, 2022
本学医学部医学科 2年 蜂巣頌くんがラボに参加しました
14 Feb, 2022
本学医学部医学科 1年 島田康介くんがラボに参加しました
10 Feb, 2022
本学医学部医学科 2年 篠田和さんがラボに参加しました
8 Jan, 2022
大阪大学 長田重一教授との共著論文がProc Natl Acad Sci USAに受理されました  領田さん、おめでとうございます!


1 Dec, 2021
1 Dec, 2021
宮田佑吾 助教が着任しました
6 Oct, 2021
1 Oct, 2021
24 Sep, 2021
大阪大学免疫学フロンティア研究センター 長田重一先生の研究室で送別会をして頂きました
6 Aug, 2021
重度心身障害の患者さんに見出されたATP11A点変異の論文がJ Clin Invest誌にアクセプトされました。大阪大学、東北大学、東京大学、慶應大学の先生との共同研究です。
1 Apr, 2021
PI 瀬川が東京医科歯科大学 難治疾患研究所 医化学分野の教授に就任しました