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Blepharoptosis means that eyelid covers the iris in normal position. The patients feel hard to watch, heavy eyelid and bear headache and stiffness in their shoulders.
The appearances of the patients get older than true age. We perform operation with several methods considering the condition of patients.

Aponeurotic blepharoptosis

We perform aponeurotic advancement. We cut a double eyelid line and restore the adhesion between the edge of levator aponeurosis and the edges of eyelids.
When skin and the fat of eyelids abound, we may resect it at the same time.

Congenital blepharoptosis

We perform operation levator shortening, fascia suspension or the check ligament suspension method depending on a state.
Levator shortening: we cut a double eyelid and shorten the levator muscle. Fascia suspension: We cut a double eyelid line and above the eyebrow, transfer a fascia between there. We often obtain the fascia from a thigh. The check ligament suspension method is a comparatively new method. We cut a double eyelid line and draw out the check ligament and fix it the edge of the eyelid.

  • Preoperative condition
    of aponeurotic
    blepharoptosis: The
    eyelids are ptotis and
    cover the irises. Her
    forehead has wrinkles
    and the eyebrows go
    up. She looks older very
    much, and he bears a
    headache and stiffness
    in the shoulders.

  • Postoperative condition
    of aponeurotic
    blepharoptosis: The
    eyelids are at good
    positions and beautiful
    double lines. The
    wrinkles of the
    forehead decrease. She
    became younger. She
    does not feel a
    headache and stiffness


  • incision lines for muscles resection

  • resect muscles surrounded dotted lines

The eyelid muscles causes a shrinkage and is in condition to be hard to open eyes. An intracerebral change is regarded as one of the causes. The first choice of the treatment is a botulinum toxin injection, but may need surgery together when there are few effects. We perform the following 3 attempts to cooperate with ophthalmology.

  1. resection of orbicularis oculi, and procerus muscles.

  2. aponeurosis repair (blepharoptosis cases)

  3. eyebrows elevation
    It is difficult to completely improve symptoms, but you will be easy to open your eyes.


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