Undergraduate Education

As a division, which is responsible for the education of students and residents, our primary goal is to foster doctors who have both a ’patient-centered perspective as a specialist’ and ’up-to-date knowledge as a generalist’. To achieve our goal, we are designing and offering a continuing medical educational (CME) program for clerkship students, emphasizing the educational systems spreading among multiple departments. Since we think it is crucial to foster medical prospective with a patient-centered perspective, we introduced an early exposure course (MIC: Medical Introductory Course) for the 1st and 2nd year medical students, as well as some medicine oriented English courses, including a special course titled” Language and Philosophy of Western Medicine” regarding some of the needs of this globalized era of medicine.
Besides, we are managing a training course for simulated patients who can contribute to medical education cooperating with the International Center for Medical Education at the University of Tokyo. To improve the quality of clinical training, we are currently developing an evaluation system for tutors and trainers.

Postgraduate Education (Clinical Training)

Our department has offered postgraduate clinical training since 2004 according to the new national residency system in Japan. We have also played an important role in developing the online evaluation system for postgraduate clinical training (EPOC) ,which is used in 60% of education hospitals in Japan. Results of the questionnaire in Japan Residency Matching Program, our education program revealed one of the most competitive among all national teaching hospitals.

Postgraduate Education (Master’s degree courses)

We have been offering master’s degree courses in Medical Administration since this MMA program started in 2004, and were in charge of two courses this year, “Human resources management” and “Leadership in the medical care.”

Department of Medical Education Research and Development

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