Our aim is to carry out the mission of the university, "cultivating professionals with knowledge and humanity, thereby contributing to people’s well-being," from the perspective of educational management. The basis of our department is to contribute to the education, research, clinical practice, and management & operation of the university in cooperation with other departments and sections. Medical education will continue from undergraduate education to lifelong learning. Our department is in charge of "coordination and support" of education for 6 years of undergraduate and 2 years of junior residency period, and of cultivating future Clinician Scientists and Scientific Clinicians.
Department of General Medicine was established in 2000, we have aimed to coordinate and support a wide range of innovations for the department of medicine and its affiliated hospitals. Accordingly, we launched the following projects to carry out our mission; 1) Designing a new postgraduate clinical training program for TMDU affiliated hospitals, 2) Forming patient support system including social casework, 3) Establishing the Center for Cell Therapy, 4) Reforming the undergraduate medical education, 5) Establishing the working group for ward management 6) Managing the medical safety committee, 7) Providing second opinion support system. Recently we have been focusing on providing systems for undergraduate and postgraduate education, such as reforming the undergraduate educational curriculum (e.g. educational cooperation with Harvard Medical School) and clinical training system. The medical training center was established for the clinical residency program. In 2006, the department of General Medicine was transformed into the Department of Medical Education Research and Development. We are working in close cooperation with Center for Extraprofessional Education which we took in part of its establishment to materialize the interprofessional education introduced due to a revision of a new curriculum in 2011.

Masanaga Yamawaki
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Department of Medical Education Research and Development

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