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About the Diversity Diamond Unit

A collaborative program by Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Juntendo University and Nippi Research Institute of Biomatrix was selected as a FY2015 "Program to supporting research activities of female researchers (Collaborative type)," as part of the Human Resource Development Program for Science and Technology of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The collaborative program aims to support female researchers.

TMDU began supporting female researchers in 2008 with the establishment of its Office for Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance (former Support Office for Female Researchers). The division makes efforts to build awareness as well as better environments for women. For the collaborative program, the Diversity Diamond Unit (DD Unit) Promotional Office was established to put into place new efforts including support for research activities and industry-academia collaborations. The DD Unit Promotional Office hopes to help create new connections among female researchers, build environments that welcome researchers with diverse backgrounds, and boost the number of women in senior researcher positions.

Purpose of activities

The DD Unit Promotional Office aims to bring solutions to the "low percentage of women in senior researcher positions" and "high turnover rate of female researchers," two problems common to all medical universities. We also aim to train and produce female researchers with leadership skills and an ability to create a new future.